[.nap like you mean it.]

When you wake up at 4:30 in the morning, sometimes a good hour long nap snuggling with the pup is exact what you need.

When you wake up at 4:30 in the morning, this is how you feel....

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[.you can't live a positive life with a negative mind.]

I really don't like sleeping without Lance at nights.  Makes it hard to fall asleep.  I'm glad I've got my pup.  A few thoughts before I'm out for the night...
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[.never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the titanic.]

I swear I can NOT wait until school is over!  Once it's over not only does that mean I don't have to go up to school, but it also means I don't have to do internship anymore!  Two things off the daily schedule!

As if my day weren't jammed packed already, I've decided to set myself a goal.  Something that will most likely take out a good chunk of my time.  I've said this before and that is why I'm making it happen this time.  Specifically because I hate the fact that I keep saying it will happen, then it never does.
I know for a fact I could make it happen, I just never had that reason to make it happen.

A while ago, and then again a few months ago I thought about competing for fitness.  It was only a thought that passed through my mind, but then came and passed quickly for a few reasons.
A couple of days ago I was asked by some people if I had ever thought about competing.  When the question came up I thought to myself, That's it, I've got to do this. 

I've never felt comfortable in a swimsuit and have always had the goal in mind to have a six pack before having children.  What better way to motivate myself than to enter into a competition that requires you to do just that.

Some people will probably think I'm crazy.  Actually, I know people will think I'm crazy.
I'm sure I'll be judged by those around me, but I don't care...
I've got to do this for me.
Not for anyone else, but for me.
Call me selfish, call me whatever but
I want the satisfaction of knowing I can do anything I put my mind to.
I want to do this because...
I have such a passion for healthy lifestyle and fitness.
I know the benefits that come from it.
I know that by doing this, I will have more confidence.
Not only in my physique,
but for my profession.
I know that by doing so I will set the example for my clients.
I know that it will give me the chance to step outside my comfort zone.
It'll make me more disciplined and focused.
We were blessed with only one body, why not make the best of it?
No one else can do the work for me, I am the one in control.
(Although I am not a very controlling person, I like to feel in control of myself)
I admire the human body and know it's capabilities, now i just need to put it to the test.

The competition takes place in April.

I've never competed towards anything in my life.
I always wanted to do dance, or gymnastics, or cheer leading or anything for that matter and that never happened.

So, now that I can make my own choices, I yearn to make it happen.

I met with another trainer at my gym yesterday to talk over a few things.  He's competed before so he knows what he's doing and offered to help me.
Tomorrow I start day 1 of "eating like a competitor".  I already know how to eat healthy, and I feel I do a pretty good job at it, most of the time.
But I'm going to try to eat, for one week, like the competitors do the week before a competition.

(To see if I can how I handle it)

Also, cardio.. Here I come!  I'm sure Rudy will enjoy this!

I know it will be hard, but if it is not hard then, to me,  it is not worth it.

I'm nervous, but more so excited.

I will do my best to keep up with updates on my other blog.