[.What A Week.]

All in all, this week wasn't quite as bad as I may have made it out to be. Some of it was bad but most of it was fun.

While trying to keep the kids busy Lance and I took Brooke out to get some ice cream at Paces! Jake wasn't ready yet so he stayed home with Ty and played games. Right after Lance took the picture of Brooke and I, Brooke looked at me and said, "Ken my smile is way better than yours!" And no, it wasn't just a normal tone when she said it either, she gave me attitude and all! (Like a snap-your-fingers-twice attitude!) Now what a stinker! After ice cream we went to the store then home to make cookies for Sunday's family home evening at grandma and grandpa Neilson's. What a nice way to spend our 24th! You can tell we are an "old married couple" now, babysitting on Holidays rather than celebrating!

We were invited by grandparents to have dinner on Saturday night. I think Brooke and Ty's "dinner" consisted of Cheetos. (Which by the way, I might add, Lance and I are pretty sure Tyden and Brooke have never eaten so much food in a day. We are such strict parents!! "No! You can't have chocolate until you eat ALL of your soup! You can go play on the computer after you take 107 bites! We aren't going to go feed the ducks unless your ENTIRE banana is gone!" Yes, this really is how it was EVERY SINGLE MEAL! But, it worked!) After chatting at dinner we went outside to play badminton. Wow, how lazy have I been? I played for about 4 long minutes.. and I was POOPED!

Now that I've mentioned some of the fun stuff let me tell you about Sunday!! Oh boy, was this ever so fun! Being away from home now, I don't do Brooke's hair everyday of her life. She has a dad who does it now..And you know dads? "Let's see if I can do this and make it look decent". Well, Brooke has definitely got used to her ONE HAIR DOO! And let me tell you! If you dare do it differently or even think about doing it differently, she WILL let you know! So being the rude, sister that I am, I decide to do her hair with a braid across the top and curls all over! OH NO! She flipped! Threw a temper tantrum for about oh ya know.. only 90 minutes! So did church happen? Notta. But we did have a nice Sunday school lesson with her. The lesson was, Always Tell the Truth. Kinda ironic that was the lesson for the week when she had decided to lie to me the day before! (Oh, did I mention that the day before this I fed Ty and Brooke cheese tortillas for dinner..Brooke wanted to eat outside..so I let her..and told her that once all her dinner was gone we'd do a craft..she comes prancing in the door all excited to be done with dinner and do a craft..I asked her if she fed her dinner to the horses or if she ate it all..of course she said she ate every last bit..Lance decided to go out and check if she was telling the truth or not..As he's walking to the garbage can Brooke is running towards him saying No! No! No! ..he made her come in and tell me how she threw it all away! Shortly after there came the lesson about lying and how it hurts people to lie! That's why I mentioned it ironic.)

Well there was that bad (almost two hour long) moment! Now time for the good again! Ty and Brooke begged us to go to Surf-N-Swim. Mm.. I don't think so, I wasn't feelin it that day. So I tried explaining how our hot tub is basically the same thing. Brooke agreed and decided it didn't matter.

I had promised them the whole time that we could go and feed the ducks over at the park! As I was expecting it to be the four of us, (me, Lance, Ty and Brooke) Lance ended up going golfing with one of his buddies! Which I'm perfectly fine with because I can handle just the two of them at the park.. Well on our way out the neighbors came over and wanted to play with the kids. So I gave the choice: go and play with friends tonight and do the ducks tomorrow? Or ducks tonight and friends tomorrow? Well the neighbors heard me ask that and decided that they were coming to feed the ducks too!! So it ended up being the four kids and me by myself!! Whew!! It was tiring! Making sure they were all okay, all in the same spot, and all calling my name at the same time wanting me to come help them with everything they do!! Wow, how it'll be to be a parent! Especially if daddy would be working late! But that won't be for a LONG while!

Our adventures during the week were exciting, and I'm glad that I was able to spend one on one time with my little brother and sister again. They are so much to handle but so much fun!

Wanna know something funny?

.:Brooklyn finally told me that is was okay that Lance married me and she's not mad anymore!:.


[.Today & Yesterday.]

.The today part.

Class of 2009

I got to slip away from work for a couple of hours to go see Tyden graduate from NUAP! That is the Northern Utah Autism Program. It was an emotional experience for everyone there. Friends and family, teachers, especially parents. Speeches from the parents brought tears of happiness and touched the entire audience. The autistic children were all so cute in their caps and gowns. It's amazing to see how they are all the same yet all so different at the same time. Each child got an award for the year.

.:Just to name a few different awards:.
.Boss of the year.Always the smiler.Best superhero.Computer maniac.

Ty received the award Always a Genius.
Fits him so accurately!

.:Only some of the crew:.

.:The school made posters for each of them. Here is the end result:.

.The yesterday part.

As we went to grab the rest of our laundry my step-dad was out washing the truck. We took advantage of that and decided to get our cars washed as well. We had a couple little helpers! Brooke and one of her best friends Nathan, or as we all call him, Nay-Nay! They are so funny together and love to collect "polie polies" (Rollie Pollies)!!
.They're adorable.

.:Just thought this was kinda cute:.


[.Chunked It Badly.]

While the boys were at beat the pro, Tim made it on to the Beat The Pro Week 8 Highlights on ABC channel 4 News! Here was his interview!! Lance, Matt and Steven made it on TV as well, but just in the backgroung laughing at Tims wonderful shot!

[.Way to Busy.]

So I thought I was busy while planning my wedding, going to school, and working two jobs at the same time .. Who would have known that no school and not planning a wedding could have been busier. Seems like there is a plan every minute of the day. Let me recap my last week and let you know of my week to come.
[Monday:] East Canyon with the Family
[Tuesday:] Help Matt and Tori move
[Wednesday:] Went to visit Dad, Brayd and Cort
[Thursday:] Work - which by the way was one of the busiest nights I've ever worked at Paces! There was a 50 cent burger deal going on, and basically everyone that walked into Paces wanted 20 hamburgers!! Kill me now! We ran out of hamburger buns and went through about six racks of cheesburger buns to make up for all the other ones!!!
[Friday:] BBQ for Mandy and Lorin
[Saturday:] Shower for Tori! (Golf for the boys!)
Don't worry I'm going to post the video of them being on TV!!!!!
[Sunday:] Church - not really busy.. Laundry! And Tim and Kamie gave me an excuse to hurry and clean up a bit before they came to see our place! So the house finally got clean for the week! Too bad it had to be on a Sunday!
[Monday:] Plans with Brit!
[Tuesday:] Register Lance for school!
[Wednesday:] Work
[Thursday:] Heidi and Casey's wedding
[Friday:] Babysit for Mom and Kevin while they are in San Fransisco for their 10 year Anniversary!
[Sunday:] Church, Babysit and FHE!
[Monday:] Babysit
[Tuesday:] Babysit

Holy, Wow!! Who would have known life could be so crazy!

I think all that moving (that we didn't do) wore them out!

.BBQ for Mandy and Lorin.

Funny, Ty has never done this to Lance before! But he felt the need to be close to Lance I guess! So he crawled underneath his shirt!



.Mandy and Jonah.

Brad was so excited to go golfing with the boys that him and Claire were out practicing when I got there before the shower.
Brad is pretty much way better than me!

The morning started out great with a few mis-happenings!
.No Lemons.

.Too Thick of Batter.

.Broken wooden spoon (from the thick batter).

.Fudge blowing up in the microwave.
.Batter pouring out of the waffle maker and getting all over the counter top.

I think this may have been Tori's favorite gift!! Given she put it up as soon as she walked in her house!
.Her SWEET shower curtain.
Which facial hair looks best on him? PLEASE be honest!

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[.East Canyon.]

.On our way to East Canyon.
.Singin and Laughin the whole time.
What's a car ride without a drink!?

He was crying right before this picutre, but as soon as I whipped out my
camera he turned right towards me and gave me this face!
Jake was a little mad Lance scored a hole-in-one!

Couldn't miss a snapshot of the two of them on the carriage!! I almost think they love eachother more than me! ;)
.Playing Shuffle Board.
They both couldn't stand to lose to each other so they'd play til they won. Then play again because one person lost and had to win again. It was an on-going process! I was ready to go in after game 2!

We are a happy fa.mi.ly!
Lance, Kendra, Brooke, Lorin, Mandy, Isaac
Jake R, Tyden, Jake H.

[.49 Questions.]

1. Do you like blue cheese? I do not think so!! Sounds nasty!
2. Your Favorite Shoes? Anything with heels! Or flip flops!
3. Do you own a gun? No, but Lance owns enough to make up for it, and wants more!
4. Your favorite song? No favorite, just like a lot!
5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Not before. Only during them if they are doing surgery.
6. What do you think of hot dogs? I'm weird with them. Usually don't like them unless I'm camping.
7. Favorite Christmas song? Oh man, lots of good ones!
8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Milk or juice
9. Can you do push ups? For a minute, then I'm pooped!
10. Are you afraid of flying? Only when there is turbulence.
11. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My wedding ring!!
12. Favorite hobby? Anything outside with family and friends
13. Animals: love them or hate them? Love em.
14. Do you have ADD? More like OCD!
15. What do you hate about yourself? I am usually myself from the start, but sometimes I get nervous! Wish i wasn't so shy at first.
16. What is your middle name? I don't have one, just my maiden name.
17. Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment: hope work isn't slow today but I know it will be, I'm excited to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephew tonight, love my hubby!
18. What's your favorite number? 5
19. Name 3 drinks you regularly drink? water, dr. pepper (diet sometimes), chocolate milk!
20. Current worry right now? Hope my mom is okay
21. Current hate right now? Don't have any
22. Favorite place to be? Wherever it's fun!
23. How did you bring in the New Year?
24. Where would you like to go? I want to travel everywhere!
25. Name three people who will complete this? anyone, who is, bored!
26. Do you own slippers? Nope, I like bare feet! Only my own though!
27. What shirt are you wearing? A gray undershirt with a green halter
28. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I thought I would way more than I did. They get way to hot and fall off the bed way to easily!
29. Can you whistle? Ha, I try! It's pretty quiet though!
30. Favorite color? Like em all.
31. Would you be a pirate? Don't think so.
32. What songs do you sing in the shower? Normally I just hum, and it's just the song in my head for that moment!
33. Favorite girl's name? Kaylee Rae Fischer! Going to be my first daughters name, then Sarah McKell, or McKayla
34. Favorite boy's name? Anything masculine for sure! Blake, Ryan, and I'm starting to like Luke!
35. What's in your pocket right now? nothin.
36. Last thing that made you laugh? This weekend talking with Kamie and Tori making fun of our husbands!
37. Best bed sheets as a child? My blue and white cloud ones!
38. Worst injury you've ever had? Running in the house to go to the bathroom from church on a snowy day, slipped on the floor and a nail tore my knee open!! It didn't even notice it til I sat on the toilet, saw my BONE and screamed! I refused to get stitches cause it was a sunday! I really really just didn't want to get stitches!
39. How many TVs do you have in your house? One that works and one that doesn't!
40. Who is your loudest friend? All of Lance's family and all of my family! But then definitely Brit (christensen) when she's on one! haha sorry brit! ♥ Okay nope, changed my mind... Sarah Jackson!! BY FAR!
41. How many dogs do you have? None for now.
42. Does someone have a crush on you? Only Lance I hope!
43. Favorite Book? Oh boy.. I rarely finish books! But I do like them when i read them! I really liked Makeover by Shannon Guymon, I even finished it! Her books are a good read!
44. Partying hard or Laying low? Laying Low, only sometimes I can party hard!
45. What is your favorite candy? Reeses pieces, kit kats.. Chocolate in general!
46. Favorite Sports team? The Jazz
47.What were you doing 12 AM last night? Sleeping!
48. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? Wow went to bed early, slept in, and still want to sleep!
49. If you are married, where did you meet your spouse? In high school by a friend/now cousin!

Your turn... I would love to read about you



Well my memory card didn't keep my pictures from this weekend, but at least I have some phone pics! Our 4th of July weekend was full of bbq's and campfires!

We had a bbq at my Grandma Hamblin's for the weekend and got to see some cousins that have been out of state for the past couple years. This is my 2nd cousin Beckham! He's one of my cousins Zack and Lisas kids. He wouldn't let go of me and wanted to come home with me rather than go with his mom! I truely wouldn't mind, but I'm sure he'd be missed! He's adorable, as you can tell!

During one of our fires Brooke and Ty experienced sparklers and snaps! Brooke got the hang of it pretty well! Ty on the other hand would hold the sparklers to his face to get a close up view of the "sparking"! So we all tried to help him learn to keep the fire away from his face!

Just before all the city fireworks went off, Jake, Lance and I got on top of the roof to try and watch them all! We saw at least 9 different cities! Jake and I think we saw 13 but lance says those extra ones were just other people doing the illegal ones! I may agree.

After watching all 9 or 13 fireworks my neighbors came home from their family's house we watched them do their own fireworks! They had some pretty bigs ones! Once they were out of fireworks all the kids went inside and got ready for bed while Lance and I sat out with Kevin (my step-dad), Jake and the Randall neighbors talking til almost 5:00 in the morning! Talking and laughing like crazy! We sure did learn quite a bit about our neighbors, and I'm sure they learned even more about us! If we were out there about 1 hour longer we probably could have watched the sunrise! But we were all way to tired to even function!

[.From a Friend.]

Do you ever look around at the women you know and wonder what trials they're going through? You know everyone has them, but from the outside looking in, we have no idea the private challenges each other faces. They say that if you had to choose, you would pick your own trials over someone else's. But, when you're going through something, you start to think that other people's problems couldn't be any worse than yours. (I know it isn't true, but it feels true.) You see this woman, and her hair is always cute, her clothes nice and fashionable, her figure just right. Her kids are well-behaved at church and she gardens her yard so it's immaculate. So, do you ever wonder---

Does she ever feel like screaming out loud at the injustices in her life? Does she ever lie in bed, concentrating on keeping her breathing steady, so her husband won't know she's crying? Does her heart ever break because she feels like she has totally failed as a mother? Does she ever look in the mirror and think, "Seriously!?" Does she ever wonder if someone, anyone else feels like she does?

I'd like to think we all have those moments. But, we feel like no one else does, that somehow we are defective and not as good, or successful, or spiritual, or strong, as the other women we know. This is a favorite tool of that 'father of all lies' - Lucifer himself. I was thinking about him and how he loves using discouragement to beat us down. If he can just get us feeling bad about ourselves, he knows it will affect all other aspects of our lives. He's just jealous, you know. He sees us in all our 'child of a King' glory, with our bodies and our potential to become like Heavenly Father.. and he can't stand it. We are a constant reminder of everything he gave up. Just think, he will never know how it feels to kiss someone you love, or that feeling when a summer breeze brushes against your neck while the sun warms your face. He'll never hold a newborn baby to his chest, nuzzle his hair and breathe in that sweet scent. He will never, ever taste chocolate. No, he will never know true joy. So, he pecks at us, nudges us with those thoughts of not being good enough, and when we fall down with the weight of the world and cry out in our anguish, he does the 'happy dance' around us. So, what can we do? Those moments will come. That's when we have to yell, 'Get thee behind me, you jerk!" Then, instead of falling down in despair, we fall to our knees and plead with that Father who loves us so much. The only ones who know our divine potential more than Satan, are our Father and Older Brother. Sheri Dew said it so well-

"The women of the Church are the hope of the world precisely because it is not possible to limit the influence of a woman of God who is filled with the pure love of Christ. For that matter, the same is true of men. It is not possible to limit the influence of a man of God who bears the holy priesthood and who is filled with the pure love of Christ. Satan knows this, and he hates followers of Christ for it. We are among his greatest nightmares because he knows he cannot limit our influence unless he can neutralize our respective natures. So, if he can get us to break the law of chastity, or develop an addiction, or become consumed with or blinded by the world, he laughs. When he seduces a man or a woman of God, he not only neutralizes those individuals but is poised to infiltrate their families."

We are the 'hope of the world'. How can you feel bad about yourself when you are described that way? We are a bright, shining light in this dark world. So, the next time you're feeling down, remember, you are not alone. You have a Father who loves you, and a Brother who understands. And you can rest assured, that even if none of the other women you know have felt that way, I have.