[.fall seven times, stand up eight.]

Boy, have I missed Moab?!
Lance and I were able to go to Moab a couple months ago and ride the four wheelers.  That was "Lance's way" of the Moab trip.  So, now I needed to break him into "my way" of the Moab trip! HIKING!
One of the best workouts out there!  The weather was a little chilly at the first of the morning but other than that it was perfect!
The skies were BRIGHT blue and I LOVED it!
Secretly, so did Lance :)

I am sad, however, that we missed mine and Lance's neice and nephews first birthdays and the halloween weekend up in Richmond with Lance's family.
Happy birthday Harrison!
Happy birthday Reagan!


Here's to a TON of pictures!

The first thing we do when we get to the room is... well duh, jump on the beds!

Before we even entered the park...

My mom got pulled over and somehow managed to get out of a ticket going 22 over the speed limit.
I'll never know.

Ya know when you go to Lagoon and you have that first ride that you just have to go on!?  Mine was always colossus!  Well, that is the way I felt when we got to Moab.

Delicate Arch is my Colossus!


How is that for a 22 week photo?

It took about 7 shots to get one that actually worked, where it didn't look like I was constipated from pushing my stomach out so far.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just feel like doing a cart wheel?  Well...

After Delicate we went to Balanced Rock and the North and South Window arches.

I snapped this photo about 1/2 a second before....

she missed a step and almost knocked her face open.  I could have sworn she did.  I'm such a good daughter to take a picture of my mom on her butt instead of helping her up.
That's why I have a husband right?:)

Don't worry there is just a drop off right behind us.

Photo credit to Lance :)

We ended up gonig to Zax for dinner that night. Mmm.

Saturday we got ourselves ready for Double O Arch.  Also another one of my favorites.

I must say I felt a little handicapped this time around.  I usually love to jump from rock to rock and run back down the trail once we've made it to the arch.  But I have a wonderful husband that kept reminding me I am carrying our child.  So I took it easy and let him help me like a gentleman through the crazy rocks.

Whenever he comes to help me it makes me realize that the last two miscarriages haven't only affected me but him too.

I love the Double O Arch hike because of the view you get along the way.

Lance was Brookie's buddy this hike.

Once Brooke saw that we had to walk across the top of this rock she was done, said she was going to wait for us, but Lance came to her rescue and offered a piggy back.  Sometimes I forget that Lance is her brother and not an uncle.  I thought it was adorable.

Can you see why she might have wanted a piggy back? You feel so huge yet so tiny at the same time.

Apparently we are all spazes because Jenna fell off the rock about 1/2 a second after this shot!  We were walking and taking the picture to catch-our-hair-flowing-in-the-wind.
Note to self: Don't walk and take pictures at the same time.

We made it to the Double O!
The bottom O seems so big and then you walk to the other side and the top O is ginormous!

As I walked back down through the little O, I see my husband...climbing up the side of a rock like Spidy!

 All of a sudden he disappeared and I saw his shadow walking up along the top. So I ran back over to the other side, and yes, there he was standing in the ginormous O!

On our way back, I saw this gap between some rocks and wanted to plank between them.  Probably not a good idea.. So I made everyone else do it :)

 Brooke was a little too short to plank the gap so she decided to jump off the rock instead.
We shot some other pretty cool pictures along this hike but Jenna has them on her camera.
Oh boy will I have some adding to do!  Have you ever seen so many stinkin pictures in a post!?
After our hike we did some shopping, sat in the hot tub (well I dangled my feet) and watched one of my clients pageants.
For the last day in Moab we tried an arch I've never been to.  Corona Arch.
Okay, the description of this hike was a bit deceiving.  Moderately easy?  My butt!
If it were moderately easy do you think you would need metal ropes and ladders to help you get through it?
Didn't think so.
It actually wasn't too bad, it was an awesome hike!
Perfect way to end our last day in Moab!

The view from laying under the arch.

Oh, yeah...  Jake only has 10 flippin weeks left until he's home from TONGA!


[.we cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.]

Last Tuesday we went to the REAL game with Isaac, Jenna and Kevin.  As rainy and as freezing as it was we were lucky to have the seats that we did because we didn't get at all wet!  I felt bad the first part of the game because Lance came from work and couldn't find a parking spot and had to walk forever in the rain to get to the stadium, but I was glad he was still able to make it!

Thanks Isaac for inviting us to the game!

[.There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.]

I thought I was addicted to pinterest before?  After knowing that wee is now Miss K, I spend hours and hours looking at little girl ideas.
Lance and I went to fetal photos to have a gender determination ultrasound.  I thought I was a patient person (besides when it comes to driving, anyone who drives with me knows this to be 100% true), but knowing that we could know the gender and didn't know it was killing me.
I have an awesome husband.
I told Lance that I wanted to do halloween crafts but didn't want to spend my "blow money" for the week on craft stuff.  So he told me to take my Paces money ($65) and go buy things.  I responded by saying.. "OR I could use that sixty five dollars on something else I know to be sixtry five dollars?!"
He knew exactly what I was talking about (the ultrasound) and said it was up to me.  I told him I would call him right after I made the appointment:)
When we went into the room and I layed on the bed I kept telling myself that since mostly everyone was bound and determined we were having a boy that wee had to be a girl.
I was super excited when the tech had told us we would be having a girl, I almost cried.
We went and bought her a little outfit and put it in a white bag with blue and pink tissue paper to tell our families.
I haven't been very emotional since being pregnant and I'm only hoping it doesn't get worse as I get further along, but I almost had a breakdown in Walmart the other day.
With my first pregnancy, Lance and I started talking about room stuff early on.  He wanted a crib that was oak and I wanted a dark cherry wood crib.  Well...now that I have pinterest my ideas have, well..changed.
So when we were looking at cribs I told Lance that I now wanted a white crib.  He didn't agree and told me that now he likes the dark cherry wood cribs.  So again, I told him I wanted a white crib.
Let's just say I was stomping around Walmart like a 3 year old giving my parents the silent treatment for giving in to my every want.
After a couple minutes he brought it up into the conversation again.  I stopped and looked at him and said, "Stop.  Be quiet or I will cry right here in the frozen food section."
I don't think we said two words to each other on the 7 minute ride home.  I sat down in silence, ticked.
Out of no where Lance said, "we can do a white crib."
Again, I have an awesome husband.
While walking through Gordmans the other day, again, out of no where Lance said, "We can also paint the room purple if we have to".
Yes, we have too:)
And that is why I love him.
I have since gone out and bought most of my material to get started on her room.
I keep having dreams that I see her feet come out of my stomach stretching my skin as far as it will go.
Miss K is moving alot more.  Lance has now felt her move a couple times too.  The very first time was right before bed watching a show.  I could feel her moving like crazy and grabbed Lance's hand to have him feel.  I was watching his face to see his reaction.  I could tell when he felt it.  He looked at me and I asked if he felt it.  He replied back, "I think so!?"
It was cute.
Can't believe my 21 week mark is tomorrow!

[.don't count the days, make the days count.]

Last weekend Jenna and I went to my mom's to decorate pumpkins.  Can I just say I seriously LOVE this season?!  I love everything about it!  The weather, the smell of fall, the food, the outfits that I wish I had...

After my mom put the pattern on the pumpkin Ty actually carved the whole thing by himself!  Not too shabby eh??

My attempt at the "not-so-messy" pumpkin.  I'm glad Jenna got a picture of these before I took them out to my car, because they are now sitting at my house with half the paint peeled off and my buttons now say "ROO" - scary I know!
Pinned Image
Happens all the time.