Everything that could have gone wrong did! But we made the best of it! First off, when we arrived in the Fort Lauderdale Airport we went to go get our rental car! Couldn't find the place at first but after half a mile and four flights of stairs we found it! Go to hand the guy our reservation, and find out... because we aren't 21 we can't get a car.. But the only reason we bought the package in the first place was because we had been told even if not 21 you just have a pay the underage fee, which we did! So thought we could get a car, but NO! The manager at Alamo was very nice and tried to help us out by giving us a car anyway! We were so excited something good will happen! He puts us into their system and because our birthdate shows we are underage their whole system freezes! And he said - well I'd give it to you but I'd lose my job, as well as everyone else here if I had changed your birthdate just to get you a car! So we were flippin! On the other side of the country, 11:00 pm, NO CAR, and have to make a cruise in the morning! Yeah! PERFECT! Alamo was very helpful and ended up giving us a ride to our hotel. Which was scary! Trusting some monkey man who only goes 40mph on the freeway will get us safely to the correct hotel, and not some cemetary or something! But we made it there okay! Hoping to get on the cruise the next day we decided to book an UNDERAGE rental car so we'd have it when we got back! Being stressed and worried is not something to have on your honeymoon! Anyway we got it all situated and were ready to enjoy the rest of it!
Beautiful and so much fun!
What's the Bahamas without a Bahama Mama? Oh, and did I mention it was a bit windy on the top deck?!!
Okay, this was FUN!! It was our snorkeling trip out to the reef! I can't believe how close we got to the fish! Some were almost a foot and a half long! Smaller fish got so close to them that we could basically touch them while they were swimming around us! Picture this, Lance and I both in our snorkeling gear, goggles, life jacket, and mouth piece, face down in the water, holding hands so we wouldn't float away, pointing at the pretty fish and both guiding each other where to go. Well a big fish comes our way, so I scream (with the snorkeling mouth piece in place), Lance can't hear me cause we're under water, and I'm freaking out trying to swim away, while Lance is just enjoying himself! Next time I'll have to hit him so he knows to swim away!

I told you its pretty!! I had to get a picture of all these palm trees lined up! It was gorgeous! This was on our way back from out boat ride tour! We saw lots of different celebrity houses, I think the one in this picture is either Michael Jordan's or Tiger Woods... Lance would know! Either way it was cool and extremely gorgeous!

During our time in Bahamas we had the opportunity to visit Cable Beach! Can I just tell you, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Look how clear the water is! We enjoyed the scenery and laying out in the warm sun! Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious! It was buffet style but if you wanted something in particular the chefs would make it right in front of you! I'd go back in a heartbeat!

Probably one of our favorite things to do during our cruise was playing bingo. I know it seems like an old person game, but we actually really got into it! We played almost every game and won once!!! Too bad it wasn't during the jackpot round! But we did get extremely close a few times! We usually only had one number left before the person next to us won! It happened at least once a game that someone walking by would yell out "BINGO" and everyone would be mad but then didn't care cause it was the drunk guy walking by! Speaking of drunk guys .. the only time we had won bingo we had to split it because the drunk guy next to us had no idea he even had bingo seven numbers ago! It was still fun and we enjoyed winning some money!

Well our cruise was definitely a blast! Now on to our stay in Orlando!

Random sign we found on our way to Cocoa! It's even spelled correctly!
..Footprints left at the beach..
Cocoa Beach was gorgeous! I could have stayed there all day long!

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Alright, so for the most part this was really fun here! Beside the fact that we showed up about 2 hours before it closed! But we decided we'd still pay the $100 for us both and go on in! We ended up hearing how the tours were already done for the day because it was about closing time! How wonderful - the one and only reason we wanted to come to the space center was to go on the tour to see the space shuttle! Bummer!

The nice and sunny side of the EPCOT Center!
First of all, as we are buying our tickets the guy told us that we might want to hurry and get in line for the Fast Track ride, becasuse it's the ride that closes when it starts to rain! So we run over to try and get in line before the wait is any longer. Which by the way, the stated waiting time was 60 min. After about 75 minutes we're only half way through the line! So that's no longer fun! And people all around are getting even more annoying. We hear from the speakers, "Ladies and Gentlemen there will be a momentary maintenance fix". So, that being said we thought this through.. we've been in line 75 min and are only HALFWAY through, there will be an even longer wait due to the maintanence and then there will be atleast another 75 minutes to get through the other half of the line.. WE'RE OUT! Bummer again! We left to go visit the part of the park that shows all different regions of the world. It came closer to lunch time and we arrived in Germany. Lance needed a Bratz! Nasty - I decided to go back to China and get me some ORANGE CHICKEN! We walked back to China got my lunch and went back to Germany for his! As he stood in line I was on the lookout for a good spot to sit! Standing up, holding my food - it's getting cold - on the lookout, two people get up from their seats, I walk over to set my food on the table as they leave. My food is on the table! And a lady comes over with her three kids and SITS ON MY TABLE! How lovely - then she looks around like she had no idea I was even there! So why not, go ahead, don't mind me, please.. take a seat! Once again, Bummer! So, still on the look out. Let me just tell you, I got jipped out of two more spots to sit! Still standing next to a bench looking for a seat, an old man sittng on the bence spills some of his food on my ankel. Taking his napkin - full of mustard - tries to wipe the food off of my ankel! Didn't work! He said - listen, I see you didn't get your seat three times so please sit down before I get up and have the bench! What a nice old man! Lance got his food and came and sat on the bench with me. As we finished our food we felt sprinklings of rain. And went into the store next to us.

Starting to rain after we ate lunch!! Thought it'd just pass us by, and while it was sprinkling we stayed under different kiosks to stay dry!

Just a little drizzle!!

turned to SOAKED!!
We were soaked!! The only ones without umbrellas or poncho's! (Ours from before were left in the car - because it was nice and sunny outside, we didn't bring them in!) Everyone looked at us as if we were crazy! We weren't hunched under a roof, we were splashing each other in the puddles and having fun! Mascara running down my face and down Lance's crack (as he decided to make it known to all of Florida by yelling it out loud), we decided to make a bad day gone good!

Love the flip flop!
Perfect way to end our last day!


[.explore love.]

Alright I guess I'll put some pics up of our wedding day! It was absolutely PERFECT!!!

As you can tell..

For some reason this picture cracks me up! I don't know.. You tell me?

I didn't have them on because every single person who sees this would make fun of me for actually wearing glasses - I always seem to look like an odd bird when I wear them!

We had to survive somehow - Pepsi and Dew!!

A must have at every wedding!! Shoving the cake in each others faces! It was a mess! I couldn't resist! I had to do it! At least I was nice for a little bit! (sorry it's a little blurry)

Our first dance together as husband and wife!

[.Far to long.]

What a long but most definitely fun day! At least we had the day off of work! Well, kinda! We both had to work for about 2 hours in the morning then had the rest of they day off! We went to the airport about 12:30 pm to await the new returned missionary Nate Oliphant! His plane was supposed to arrive at 1:00 pm but we saw that it had landed about 10 minutes early! Lance and I waited anxiously with his sisters Kamie and Robyn, brother Chayden, and his grandmother. They were holding bright colored posters getting ready for him to come down the escalator. Around 1:05 we saw Nate and both his parents coming down trying to find us. You could see the tears in their eyes that they were all happily together again (besides Scott - who is on a mission in Florida). We all stood around chatting for a bit waiting for their baggage. After about 10 minutes we had realized that there baggage hasn't come out yet! We looked at all baggage claim areas about 5 times each! So we decided to do some more talking to catch up! Thirty minutes later we had seen that there were bags on the very last place to pick up your bags, and apparently they had been sitting out there for quite some time! The airport just hadn't put the right destination on the screen! Oh well- it was still fun! The first thing Nate wanted when he got home was to have a Slurpee from 711 and Cafe Rio!! So we went and got Slurpee's, went back to their house, looked at all of his exciting souvenirs, including a Matte - A weed drink [tea], which by the way is pretty nasty! His family invited us to go to Cafe Rio with them, and of course we couldn't pass up the offer! Then after it all went back to his house to see all of his visitors come see him! He couldn't stop speaking Spanish!! At the end of the night Lance and I had gone home after a fun filled day! It had definitely been far to long since we've seen him last!

[.Where to start.]

Well, it has now been a little over a month since Lance and I have been married! [He'd say seems like more than a year] But we're loving every minute of it! Life it definitely more than crazy, busy as can be, and will just continue in becoming more busy- but what do ya do? We'll just keep going one step at a time! Life has had it's changes that's for sure but we're getting used to it! Going from: what to do tonight we have so many options to.. shoot! How are we going to be able to do that!? We have to make our bed because we both got up late! But who wants to make it anyway because once we get home from work to make it we just want to crawl back into it! We have to sweep the floor, vacuum, dust, do the dishes that have been sitting there for 3 days, take out the garbage, find time to do laundry, actually do laundry, then leave it in our room and MAYBE hang it up before time to do laundry again, clean the toilet, clean the counters, make dinner, figure out WHAT to have for dinner -if it's not pizzas or mac-n-cheese- then put the dirty dishes in the sink again after just washing the huge pile, and hmm.. maybe I'll sit down to watch TV? Oh nope! Can't do that I have to wake up in 5 hours for work! Yeah, life is good!

Being a wife is basically exactly how I expected as well. " Hey hon! I'm so tired! Can you please massage my back? [which by the way, more than half the time turns into massage my back? my thighs? my calves? my shoulders? my neck? - so lovely] Maybe get me a pepsi? Oh and will you find the remote?" But I guess I'm a little weird, because I love it! Oddly enough! Even after all that he still will do all the dirty chores, help make the house look nice, pay the bills, take care of the cars, help with insurance issues, gives me great advice and always give me a kiss goodnight! No wonder I can put up with it all!

So I want to post some pictures of our wedding, but mainly our honeymoon and tag-a-long the story to go with each picture since it was such a joy and everyone asks for every little detail! I'll be getting to that a bit later because I still need to download all the pics onto the computer! [I know, I'm such a slacker!] But I'll put them up soon enough!

[.Finally a blogger.]

I've decided to see how this blogging thing goes. I'm not really sure how to do any of the cute things, so if you have any advice please send it my way! I especially wanted a blog to stay up to date with friends and family, and keep them updated as well. This one will be short, just a starter post!

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