[.doesn't matter where you've been, just matters where you're going.]

So lets just say it has been a long while since I have really updated.
(Maybe because Jenna finally did and now I could steal her pictures?:)

It has been an adjustment this summer getting used to Lance's work schedule.  We didn't get to watch one firework show together.  Which I guess is okay because I had a couple good alternative dates.  A little while back we went to Weber States firework show.  As I went to vacuum out my car I found a bubble machine and bubbles in my trunk.  I have absolutely no idea where they came from or how they got there. 

This was not by accident, that truely is the look I had on my face looking at the bubble machine trying to figure out how in the world it got into my trunk.

But we had fun with it anyways.

Each year, Kevin usually gets Raptors game tickets.  I really don't remember much of the game.  Oh, besides during the second inning I found out that we were the opposite team that I had initially thought we were :/

The last couple weekends I have been able to hang out with some of my girlfriends that I haven't seen in a while.
Jacinda and Sarah and I did the usual Zupas trip, spent hours talking, then went for gelato afterward at Station Parkway in Farmington.  Oh my good night it was delicious, I got a small half mango and half raspberry and am hoping it will be there again the next time I go, whenever that will be?

The next day I went and spent some time with my friend Amanda that I graduated with last winter.  I think it had even been since about Christmas time that I had seen her and her baby Walker, who is probably the cutest chunkiest little man I have ever seen.  We went to the Ogden water park and watched Soul Surfer later that night after Walker went to sleep.

One of the things I LOVE about doing what I do is that I can schedule clients based on when I want.  Therefore, I am finished working at 10 am friday mornings:)  And therefore, I usually try and do something other than sit around my house all day long.  Jenna is very good at keeping our Fridays fun.  So, last Friday she brought up that we should to tubing, I was in, immediately.  I had a few things to get done (and so did Syd) but we hurried as quickly as we could to make it up to Morgan in time to catch our 2:00 ride!
So.. We didn't leave Jenna's house until 1:20...and they wanted us to be there at 1:45...that means... I was driving;)
Did I mention I had almost NO gas??  Going 85 mph??  Going UP a canyon?  Made it in the nick of time running on fumes.

 For the first little bit we would all hang on to each other's tubes.  Maybe because we thought we were going to die??


 For some reason, we kept losing Jenna and she was on her own for a bit while Syd and I ran into trees and bushes.  At one point I seriously peed myself.  I had to go to the bathroom so bad before we left that as I was stuck in a tree holding onto a branch, I was laughing so hard I started to pee, which only made me laugh even harder.  Thank goodness we were already in the water and I didn't have to worry much about people noticing ;)

I think we came to found that riding solo was much easier to maneuver ourselves around the river than trying to doggie paddle with one arm each.

The only way to move yourself from one side of the river to the other was to swim like Michael Phelps.  Seriously, your whole body is out of the water while swinging your arms backwards over your head.  I still have chafing marks on the insides of my arms from this skillful move.

I laugh every time I see this, I feel your pain Syd, but still hilarious!

 When we finished up after about 2 hours, luckily there was a gas station within limiting bounaries so that we could get home okay rather than coasting back home down the canyon:)

Definitely doing this again!

After tubing I went with Brit and Sadie to Baiggi's for dinner.  I haven't seen these girls in forever either and we had spent the night there talking.  Talking good talk, talking girl talk, talking bad talk and laughing.  Boy, have I ever, missed these girls?

[.promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.]

Lance and I went up last weekend to East Fork of the Bear in the Uintahs with Matt and Tori, and Randy and Jenny with their kids.  Oh, and I can't forget Rudy.
It was nice to be able to sit and relax for a couple of days.
People have been telling me that I work hard to play hard.
I will take that.
Why not take the summer to enjoy ourselves and be with family?
We went on walks, four wheeler rides, caught butterflies and spent the evenings fishing.

I caught a small glimps of Jackson Hole that will be happening in the next couple weeks and I can't wait.

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