[.friends are more important than money.]

Friday night one of my good friends Sarah came into town for the weekend.  She made me promise her that we could do something.  So we decided to go see a movie.  We met her and her friend Hayley up at the theater  because Lance and I were at my step-dad's birthday party before and ate some yummy pulled pork sandwiches!  We also invited Jacinda and her fiancĂ©e Matt to come with us.

We went and saw Easy A.  I hadn't seen the previews so I had no idea what it was about, but Sarah chose it so I knew it was going to be funny.

Was it a non-thought provoking mindless movie?  Oh yeah.
Was it a cheesy high-school-drama-rom-com?  You betcha.
Was there a pretend sex scene? Of course!
Was it freakin hilarious?  Heck yeah!

Without further ado, here is my favorite scene!
(Sarah and I may have peed a little)

We always wish that we had gotten together earlier because all us girls do is blab on and on through all hours of the night while the guys sit there looking at each other like,
"Do you know them?  Let's get out of here!"

Lance ended up taking Sarah for a ride on the motorcycle.  It was actually quite funny.  Her arms were wrapped around my hubby as tight as they could have possibly been and I'm sure she was ecstatic the entire ride.  

Once they got back we still talked for a bit before Sarah and Hayley left.
We followed Matt to his house to go grab his Harley Sportster.
I'll have you know it was about 11 by the time we even started this bike ride!
But we rode all across Bountiful Blvd and went up into the mountains.  It was so much fun!  We ended up getting home around 1:00 am, we were totally pooped and ready for bed.
Saturday Lance and I both woke up to get started with the day.  I went into work at 9:30 and Lance was out helping Kevin move big items into my mom's new house.  Since I'm such a slacker good housewife, I brought dinner home for Lance from Paces and a nice peach shake for him to eat while watching the BYU game.  We decided to take it easy that night.  We just hung out at my Mom's and watched Brian Regan. Jake, Jenna, Lance, Doc and I shared the couch as usual, while my mom sat on the floor in front of the TV like a little kid.
What a good sport.
I love that I basically spent my entire weekend laughing!

[.two weeks.]

Just a thought...
Really?  That's it?

So glad it's the weekend!

[.you get out of life what you put into it.]

This is just me rambling, but hey, that's what a blog is for right?

I am deciding to buckle down and achieve my goals.  I will get what I want out of my life.  I have realized that I am somewhat of a perfectionist - which I believe is why I set high expectations for myself.  I set high expectations for my school work, I set high expectations for my job, I set high expectations in my church callings and on my spiritual status, I set high expectations in my relationships and last but not least I set high expectations on my physical self.  I know that there is no such thing as perfect, and that is why we are here, but I know that some areas are flexible enough where we can better our selves.  I work hard in school, I work hard to get my job done, I work on my relationship with my Lord and my spouse, I work hard to fulfill my church callings, but I do not work as hard as I could be physically.  Not only do I learn about physical fitness in my major but also about personal wellness and it's components. *physical*emotional*mental*social*spiritual*
For most of these components I feel pretty balanced.  I believe life is all about balance, and I feel the desire to balance it out even more and work on the physical component of my health.

Let's break things down a bit.

Hours in a week: 168
Hours spent sleeping: 48ish (Physical)
Hours getting ready: 7 (Mental)
Hours driving: 7 (Mental/Spiritual/Emotional)
Hours at school: 16 (Mental)
Hours at work: 30 (Definitely not physical..Social/Emotional/Mental?)
Hours at other work: 13 (Social)
Spiritual hours:
(3 at church on Sunday + 2 at YW on Wednesday + 30 min a day (prayers, scriptures, lesson planning...) [30x 7 = 210 hours / 60 min]) = 8.5 (Spiritual) + extra when going to the temple / visiting teachers, etc.
Hours doing homework/studying: 5 (Mental)
Hours with friends and family: 15 (Social/Emotional/Spiritual?)

18.5 hours left - I'm going to turn these hours into exercise (physical), definitely relaxing and hanging out with Lance.

I am getting a professional print out on Saturday to assist me in reaching my goal.  I'll be starting my 12 week program on Monday and hoping to be exercising 6 times a week.
I'll possibly take before an after pictures.
We'll see how this goes.

Today my teacher showed my class this clip from ABC News.
This thoroughly grosses me out!
8000 freaking calories people!!
That is my [weekly] intake in a friggin' burger!

[.your life will change, when you change your life.]

Wednesday night was my first night going back to Young Womens in about 4 years.  And.. it was so.much.fun.  
We went

The first and last time I rode a horse was my 9th grade year.  So no, I did not remember a thing.  Plus this time, the horse was huge.  He was 25 years old and VERY tall.  Remember how I am short?  Yeah, not such a great combination.  But I since I am now the leader I  had to set the example.  A couple girls had the hang of things.  Me?  Not so much, although I'd say I caught on rather quickly.  Except for when the horse (TJ) would start trotting, it was somewhat hard because my short stubby legs didn't want to stay in the stirrups.  Keith (the man who let us ride his horses) told me I looked like a rag doll.
[don't worry I took it as a compliment]
So I got on the smaller horse, Lady.  She was a much easier ride.  She was smaller so it was easier to control.
Thank you Keith!!

The only three girls in my class thus far.
Ciara learned to master TJ.  She loved him!
Goodness, was I scared or something!?
Ashley riding Lady.
Seriously can I make a straight face?  I believe I was hopping onto that massive horse.
 We ended the night with shakes at Arctic Circle.

Um?? Yes please!!!


[.she who laughs last thinks slowest but she who laughs first has the dirtiest mind.]

We may have had to reschedule but we were finally able to get together to go tent camping at Strawberry Reservoir.
 Ben and Julie came to our house Friday evening and we went on our way.  Truck packed full.Once we got there the boys started a fire and got the tents set up while Julie and I started dinner.  We were planning to have spaghetti.  As we were getting started we realized that one of the tubs were missing.  The tub that contained the "dry goods".  Have you ever tried camping without paper plates?
That tub of dry goods contained the spaghetti sauce that was needed for dinner.
So, change of plans...
Maybe just hot dogs over the fire?
Oh wait, we need buns for hot dogs..
"Oh, Julie, I brought some extra bread, we could use bread for buns?"

Hot dogs just didn't sound as good as spaghetti did.

Julie found some mushroom and onion seasoning stuff in one of her other tubs, so we tried to think what we could do with that.

Here were our options:
Onion and Mushroom seasoning
Sour cream
Frozen hamburger meat
Brown gravy mix

Doesn't sound the most appetizing now does it?

Well Ben told us to start boiling the noodles and get a pot of boiling water going and he'd come up with something.

So we boiled noodles and a pot of water and cooked the frozen meat (which we were planning to use for next days dinner so it wouldn't be frozen).

Once the tents were set up Ben came over and added onion and mushroom seasoning to the boiling pot of water, with a little brown gravy mix and sour cream.

Our planned spaghetti was turned into some sort of stroganoff.  Remember how I mentioned we didn't have paper plates?  How on earth were we going to eat this?  We learned, very well,  how to improvise this trip.
The pans we were cooking in..soon turned into our plates.  But since there were only two shallow pots/pans Ben & Julie shared and Lance & I shared.

Great times.

Before going to bed we sat by the fire to stay warm.

We woke up the next morning and made breakfast burritos.
Yes that is a Frisbee.   Unfortunately, there was only one.  But it worked as a good plate, since all of our pots and pans were occupied with cooking food.

As much as I really missed our dry goods I am really am glad we at least had the coolers because they had the necessities.

Although s'mores could be considered a necessity.

Once breakfast was cleaned up we went to the marina before we headed on our way.  At the marina we grabbed some tinfoil (for tinfoil dinners that night), paper towels, ice, paper plates (even though the pans were fun I'd much rather use plates), and we even got lucky and the man gave us some of the hot chocolate cups and stirrers.  He probably heard me tell Julie to put them in her jacket and take them, then I felt bad, so I asked, and he said to just take them.  So maybe that was just our blessing for not stealing, or at least that's what I'm going to tell myself.  Pretty much we spent as much on those items as half of our entire trip.

We then drove to a place to go shooting.

Of course, Lance had the BYU game blaring from the truck so he could hear every second.  We made our own targets out of our new paper plates to use as practice.  I didn't end up shooting at the targets though because I had a little friend following me around the entire time.  His name was Belligerent Bee, and he stung me...twice.  Once on each hand.  If I could find him I'd hurt him back.

After a few hours we went back to the camp site to make some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  The game was still going on so Lance sat in the truck while Ben, Julie and I played Yahtzee in the tent.

A little later we packed up our fishing gear and went to the reservoir to catch ourselves some fishies.
Julie and I had a couple bites, Lance caught 2 medium fishies (which we cooked up for a snack), and Ben caught himself one big fishy.  But since we were all standing up on the rocks it was kind of a long ways up to pull a fish in from the water, so his big fishy got away.

It was seriously so pretty,
perfect way to end the night.


Well that perfect-ness only lasted for so long.
We woke up to a flat tire.
At least my man is a handy man:)

I guess I've sorta made my own little tradition

It started in Moab - up by delicate arch
Then Moon Lake
 Now Strawberry


[.I don't take the paths that everyone else takes, I make my own.]

Be prepared for a ton of pictures...

After being planned for months the Jackson trip finally came.
Instead of heading up Wednesday after school as planned, Lance convinced me that going up Tuesday with Tim and Kamie was the better choice.  I was pretty hesitant because I didn't want to miss another day of school.  I emailed all my teachers to let them know and to see what I'd miss.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so Tuesday it was.

We jammed packed all our crap into the car and met Tim &Kamie at Diet & Myrna's.
After a long drive we arrived close to midnight.

Did we feel like setting up our tent?
Did we set it up at all?
Did we pack it just for fun?

The first day we were there it rained, stopped for a second then rained some more.
That day was spent mostly indoors.
Luckily it was a ton better the next day.
Brad and Claire asked just about everyone to take them for rides in the stroller.
I think I may have been the only one who actually liked taking them:)
Besides the pedal bikes...
...we also rode these bikes
The boys normally find ways to keep themselves entertained.
Randy, Tim and Lance thought it would be fun to chuck an axe at the trees.
I gave it a try and totally missed.  Big surprise.
..My husbands proud moment..

Not really, just thought I'd make him feel better about himself.  I believe this was Randy's proud moment?  Tim's?  Shoot I don't remember..

We also went down to the dock on one of our "rides".
One night Lance and Randy built a fort for the kids.
They used a ton of branches from the trees to create the walls
and two huge branches to create the doorway.
We got a little creative and "built" them a table.

Saturday we spent our time in Jackson, going through shops and watching the Bar J wranglers.  They really are so talented, I loved the show this year.

this was by far one of my favorite songs
.waiting for dinner.
.kamie & tim.
.tori & matt.

...I also loved this one as well...
 .uncle mike & aunt tracy.
.lex & myself.
.randy & jenny's cute family.
I just thought this was funny.  My aunt Wendy and Uncle Steve with Diet.
.their family - well most of them.
.waiting for the wranglers to start.

Before the show even started Lance was attached to him phone to keep updated on the BYU game - go figure.  Once the show started he was a little anxious because he wasn't getting service - so he had to wait for the entire show to end to see the score.  Poor baby;).  Well once it ended he immediately updated his phone to get the score.  On our way home Lance and Matt used the spotlight from the truck to try and find the wildlife at night.  We had some luck and saw a few animals.

Since the next day was Sunday we decided to relax a bit and take the drive through Yellowstone.
.up at tower falls before lunch.
The trial didn't necessarily say "no dogs" it just showed us a picture.

To us it meant - no dogs ... on a leash.
So Tim fixed that problem and picked Mollie up to carry her.
Right before lunch we saw this baby.  We were able to get pretty close.  I thought the thing looked huge but Lance had heard the ranger saying that there were other ones that would come around that were way bigger than this one.  I was amazed at how big they really are.

Basically the whole trip Kamie kept telling Tim, nope we're not gonna see a bear.  Time kept telling her he would, and apparently he was right.  One was pretty close to the road - so of course the road was packed of cars parked in the middle of the street to see what was going on.  So, what the heck, why not pull over and check it out.  We ran up to get a closer look at the bear.
We also saw bison, buffalo (are they the same thing?), deer, elk, and some sheep.
Before leaving the Yellowstone Loop we stopped by Old Faithful - no, not to see it erupt but to get some ice cream of course!
Pecan Pralines..Mm!

I'm sure I'm missing tons, but..this will have to do.
Thanks Tim and Kamie again for letting us crash in your trailer (and eat your food)- maybe next time we'll set up our tent!