[.you are the cheese to my macaroni.]

Lets just say this weekend ended with relief.

Lance and I were {relieved} to be done speaking yesterday in sacrament.
We spoke about personal spiritual preparedness, and it went better than we were both expecting.
Or maybe we were just glad to be done?
After sacrament we were asked to come meet with the bishop.
We were {relieved} to be released from nursery.
[Except I'm going to miss the kids so so much]
Then the Bishop said, well now that you're released we want to extend a new calling.
The first thing the Bishop said was, "this is a busy calling..."
I thought.. wonderful..
Then he proceeded to say, "now I know you work 2 jobs and go to school full time, would you still be okay with that?"
As I'm anticipating what words will be coming out of his mouth next I thought to myself...
Well, I probably won't say no?  Unless I have to do something on Wednesdays because I just started zumba, and I really really want to keep going."
I didn't really think that... well maybe only slightly.
And I meant it when I said, "That'll be fine".
He told me that he'd like to call me to the position of Laurel advisor.
REALLY!!??  ME?!  They are only like 2 or 3 years younger than me, how can I teach them?
Then I thought to myself again...
(yes, I really do always do this much thinking)...
This time I thought about the talk that I just gave 30 minutes ago.
In it, I mentioned that Satan creates the fear in our lives and how fearful I was to begin my calling in the nursery, but then had to remind myself, "remember who you are working for".  I had to do this again at the very moment of accepting the calling of a Laurel advisor.
Then he said, "It'll require you to be there Sunday's obviously, Saturdays for Baptisms and WEDNESDAYS for mutual, does your schedule allow you to do that?"
uh???....mmm???.... really?  Do I have to?
 "Yes, it does.  I can do that.
Well, I probably am exaggerating a bit because I am actually really excited.
I just had my mind set on Zumba:( so my thought (again) is to do it Wednesday nights with the Laurels.  Good idea?  I think so.

It'll probably only happen once though, but I can wish right?

I will definitely be missing my/our nursery kids.  They are so cute and they love me no matter what.
(Probably because I give them snacks every Sunday:)
I know that this new calling will be completely different and I'm hoping to at least make somewhat of an impact in their lives.

We'll see.

ps.  We are all packed for Jackson, I spent most of the night last night cooking and getting ready.  I can't WAIT to leave tomorrow!!

[.I don't look up to you because you're better than me, I look up to you because you're taller than me.]

Apparently I like to stay busy.  I've always knows this about myself.  I always feel like I have to be doing something.  Even if I'm just sitting there I find myself swinging my legs, moving my feet or at least thinking of the next thing to get done on my list.

I do not usually like to talk about myself, I don't like to be portrayed as the "me monster" but I will admit that this is something I like about, me.
Always having something to do makes me feel successful and like I've accomplished something.

I was really wanting to go see Eat, Pray, Love and knew there wouldn't be a problem trying to find a girl to go with.  I really wanted to bring my mom.  So the other day I told my her that the movie started at 2:15, went over to their house and waited for her to come home.  She came running in the house frantic about trying to get things done (obviously we have something in common).  She told me she had about 15 things to finish by the end of the day.  I was kinda sad that she wouldn't want to go but then told her, "okay (ugh), that's fine(really??), we can go another time, what can I help you do(no,let's just go, please)?"  She replied by saying, lets just hurry and run to the store then try and make it on time to the theater.  I cheered up quickly, and went running up the stairs to the car.
We got there just in time for it to start.
Once it was over she told me thank you for making her go and that she really needed to see that movie.
So I was glad to help:)
Seeing this reminded me of life lessons I've learned.  It reminded me that life never stays the same.  It's always changing.  It reminded me to take "risks" in your life.  There was a line in the movie that I wanted to finish.  A girl said, "Well, what if it doesn't work?"  The only thing I wanted to say back to her was, "what if it does?"
(Yes, actually I do try and communicate with actors/actresses I know can't hear me and won't listen)
Why not take chances?  I learned about a month or so ago that a once in a life time opportunity comes along once each month, but only if we are able can we take it.  Ever since then when things come along I have thought to myself, is this a once in a lifetime opportunity?
Anyway, I would love to go travel one day the same way that Elizabeth Gilbert did, not necessarily "find myself" but to create a better me.

So instead of keeping myself busy by traveling the world (maybe one day), for right now I do other things to help keep me on my toes.

Monday night Lance and I went down to South Jordan to play on our Co Ed softball team.  It was lots of fun and I'm going to miss playing Mondays nights to be working Paces instead.  I definitely wasn't any good (Lance says I was but I don't believe him, he's only being a nice boy), but it was fun and that's all that mattered to me.
Since nothing was planned for Tuesday, Lance and I went on a walk around our neighborhood.  It ended up being longer than planned but we just kept talking so we kept walking until we were out of things to talk about, or at least until the blisters were starting to form on my feet.  We didn't get back until later and wanted to fall asleep to netflix but didn't want to watch it out in the front room.  So, we red necked it a bit.  We got our bed ready, pulled a kitchen chair into our bedroom, put it at the bottom of our bed, put our laundry basket on top of the chair, and then, you better believe it, we put our laptop on top of the laundry basket so that it was high enough to see from laying in bed.  Who needs a big screen tv for your bedroom when you have a laundry basket!?
Lance may have not been as excited to wake up the next morning as I was but I had something other than work and school to look forward to.  I tried to convince asked Jenna and my friend Julie to come to ZUMBA with me.  I didn't have to do much convincing because they both really wanted to go too.  So Wednesday after work I picked up Jenna and Julie and up to Weber State gym we went.  We actually went to the class right before zumba to get a 'butt and abs' work out in.  Believe me, I'm still feelin it!  I may or may not have cursed out loud the last ten minutes of the workout.  It's the hurts so good kinda feeling, so I really don't mind.
Surprisingly zumba met my high expectations!  I had so much fun.  I felt like I caught on quickly but there were a few moves that took a time or two get the hang of.
I cannot wait to go every week.
I'm a little sad we'll be in Jackson next Wednesday so we can't go, but, what the heck.  It's JACKSON and a vacation so I'm not too bum hurt over it.

Oh guess what!?  My first week of school is over!!  I'm actually looking forward to the homework assignments (kinda).  Weird, I know, but they are assignments that I want to do.  I finally have 4000 level classes that count [toward] my major!  Four semesters left and counting down until spring 2012 to graduate!  I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Sad for Lance (and a few other people who don't know it yet) he's going to have to be my guinea pig client this semester.

[.I have learned that the decisions in life become the consequences only I have to live with. So I will make the choices that I think are right for me not you.]

One of Lance's best friends Bowe just came home from his mission a few weeks ago.  He told Lance and I that if either of us heard of a job or any girls to let him know.  Well I wasn't very helpful with the job, but I do work with plenty of girls that would love to go out with a return missionary.  So I set them up, and we had fun.  Once Bowe got to our house we drove up to Layton to pick up my friend Chelsie.
We went to Coldstone Creamery for icecream then headed up to FatsCats for some bowling.

yeah buddy
chelsie and bowe
this would be bowe
this would be lance
goin in for it
Once we finished our 4 games of bowling, I saw guitar hero on our way out.
I HAD to play it!
It's been forever and I've seriously been craving it!
[can you crave a game?]
Lance played some games too.
Once it was getting later we dropped off Chelsie at her house and headed home for the night.
We haven't been on a "date" in forever, so Lance was a gentleman and opened the car door for me (a few times).
Obviously we've been together for a while.

Friday night was kinda lame - but since we've gotten Netflix, we've probably watched about 8 movies since Thursday.
Saturday came along and we both went to Lance's parents place for the day.  Lance woke up after sleeping in to go down a little early to help get a head start on fixing the four wheeler trailer.  I on the other hand, cleaned up (somewhat), took my time getting ready, and then went up to my school to pick up my books for school then went down for the rest of the day.
Kamie, Tori and I went on an outing adventure to some girly shops while the boys worked on the trailer.
We were going to go visit my dad later that night but it didn't work out so we ended up staying for dinner.  Kim & Nate came over to visit as well and we finished off the night sitting out front chattering away.

[.You are responsible for your own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed.]

Last night Lance and I drove down to Matt & Tori's to ride down to play in part of our family's Co Ed softball game.
 I'm glad we went, it was hot but a ton of fun.  Unfortunately my camera battery was dead so I couldn't take any pictures.  But for our first game we played really well - not good enough to win, but good for us, and better with more games.
I wasn't planning on playing with school starting next week, but if my school work allows me to go, I'll be there.  I know Lance will always want to be there, it's not baseball, but close enough, so he's game.
Diet & Myrna and Tim & Kamie came to watch.

For your entertainment

We went to Olive Garden afterwards to celebrate our loss.

I cannot wait for

[Jackson Hole]

I really don't want

[to speak in sacrament in 2 weeks]
[School to start]
although my brain is starting to get sick of being dumb,
it's a love/hate relationship

[.don't ever let the bad stop you from enjoying the good.]

Friday evening after work Lance and I headed up to Richmond to Randy and Jenny's house for the weekend.  As soon as we got there Brad immediately wanted us to jump on their new tramp with him and Claire.  We did flips, played crack the egg, but probably their most favorite part was rubbing their heads and feet on the tramp to be able to shock us.  Brad took me on a tour of their garden through the corn field and showed me how the bugs eat holes into the leaves of the corn, and of course we played with Mollie, how can I resist that cute face!?
Once we wasted all of our energy we had dinner, then sat around the fire pit to watch the meteor shower.  Lance saw one about every other minute.  For me?  I believe I didn't see one stinkin' thing, but I'm pretty sure my mind was playing tricks on me to make me think I was seeing things.  I got to hold yet another 5 week old baby this weekend while sitting around the fire.  He is absolutely adorable, do you think I could possibly want a baby anymore?  Well guess what folks, it's possible, but still not gonna happen.
Randy, Lance and Matt went for an adventurous ride in the golf cart up into the wilderness.  I'm pretty sure they almost killed themselves along the way, but about 45 minutes later they came cruising back into the back yard.
Just picture 3 macho men using their phones as lights to get their golf cart unstuck from the rocks.
At least that's the image in my head.
We went inside to set up our beds and set the alarms for the next morning so Matt, Lance and Diet could go golfing.  5:30 came quickly and Lance rushed up to make their tee time.  In the meanwhile, I enjoyed sleeping in and waking up to Jenny making some scrumptious banana pancakes with coconut syrup and strawberries.
My mouth is watering already.
The girls got ready for the day just in time for the boys to arrive back home.  They went right over to Todd and Melissa's house to help Todd build a dog house.
Brad wanted us to take him for a ride in the golf cart.  So he hopped in with Lance and I, Claire and Molly wanted to join as well.  We made it as far as to [not even] the top of the street before it broke down on us and we had to push it back.
While "the boys" were still pounding away at nails, "the girls" watched When in Rome before the family was heading to Chili's for dinner.
After dinner we all went to the Rodeo to get some good seats so we could watch Brad do some crazy Mutton Bustin.
For those of who you don't know, this is Mutton Bustin...

 I think this is the girl that won the big trophy.  I didn't video it, just found it on YouTube that was posted 3 days ago, so I think it's the right one?  Who knows..If not?  Oh well.  You get the point. 
Once the rodeo was over Lance and I went on our way home, little did we know we were gonna sit in traffic for 45 minutes.  Luckily, I slept through most that part; unfortunately, my poor husband did not.
It felt good to get into bed!

[.he is going to kill me.]

So today I decided to clean out my inbox from my way-too-old email.  I came across an old message from lance with the subject titled: "put this is your year book".
It makes me laugh, almost cry, and it definitely brings back memories of our giddy moments from our relationship.

Kendra Rose, 

I really don’t know where to start there is so much to say about you, but I think I will start by saying you are the absolute best! Haha, you are so awesome in every way! On April 28th, Heidi called me and said she had some hott friend she wanted me to come meet. At the time I was like okay cool, sounds like fun maybe I will come up in the next few months? I wasn’t going to but then I got your number and we started talking, and I knew I wanted to come up and meet you. After I saw a picture of you I was like OH MY Heidi was right! She is HOTT!! Anyway it was May 7th when I finally got to meet you. On the drive up I was going crazy and Tyler was like "Chill dude, its only a girl!" (Tyler telling me to chill!? Wow!!) Haha, sorry, but yeah I end up getting lost trying to find my own cousins house! Pathetic, and had to call you to help me for the first time! But when I finally got there and saw you. . . WOW! You don’t want to know what happened?! Haha, Just kidding! Ever since that day I have fallen head over heels crazy for you and love how much fun we have had! Like that first night ever hanging out!! And Prom!! I had so much fun at Prom with you!! Thank you so much! We still need to dance to some real music, not Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Haha, that was fun though! I love being with you in that love sac, I think I need to get one so you will come down here! JK I know why! And it sucks but what can ya do? Anyway, more things I like about you? You always make me laugh, like the time you made me guess your middle name and you don't even have one! And I just told you mine. Remember when you shaved my legs and we had to use the hair clippers cause I had so much hair! Haha, that was fun too! You make me have those feelings that are indescribable and so true! They are so amazing and I get them every time I am with you! I didn't think I'd write this much, but when I get thinking about you I just can't stop! I hope we will last forever, cause I don't think I could live without you! Just talking to you on the phone makes me want to be with you every moment of my life! The whole reason Heidi set you up with me was to marry into the family, and I really hope it happens cause I am that crazy about you!

Lance Fischer

Love you babe!
I'm sorry, I just had to - I know you'll still love me!



Monday night we went over to Doug and Brit's for a BBQ.  We marinated steaks and chicken with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  This whole healthy eating thing really is becoming a lot easier, well being able to say no to things is becoming easier. I've trained my mind to make myself think I ate it when in reality I really didn't.  A good thing?  I don't know yet..  Is it working?  I think so.. I only allowed myself chicken and corn although the cheese smothered potatoes look delicious .  Some how for some reason 'inappropriate' topics of flatulence and -that's what she said- always seem to arise while eating dinner.  At least it's always provides a good laugh.  After dinner we sat outside for a bit to do some chatting and play with the pups then went back inside to watch The Book of Eli.  I really liked it;  it was very intriguing and kept my attention the entire time.  During the movie Brit went upstairs made banana splits!  Ugh, I'm definitely going to be making myself one on Sunday - I can't wait!
Last night Lance and I rode the bike down to his parents house so that  Tori and I could go to Kim's bridal shower for a bit.  Once we got back to the house all the boys were sitting on their bikes, bandannas on and all getting ready to go through the canyon.  I tried to convince Lance to let me go on this "boys" trip but then gave in, gave him a good game and told him to have fun.
While they were out enjoying themselves Tori and I went over to the mall to do some shopping.  We got some cute things and that always makes me happy.

[.learn how to live your own life.]

Can I just say I'm absolutely dreading the fact that school will start in a couple weeks!?  Normally I look forward to school - but honestly I think the thought of going back into another last semester is just making me cringe.  I'm sure once I get back into it i'll be fine, but I'm absolutely loving being able to get off at noon on Fridays and not having to worry about doing homework and just have fun for the weekends.  Ugh, oh well.  I can't really complain because complaining about it won't change the fact that I'll still be going.  I do love learning and I do love the classes I'll be taking so really I just shouldn't bother complaining at all.
Well, that being said, since I was able to get off early on Friday Lance and I made appointments to go get massages for 4:00 on Friday and then go see Step Up 3 at 5:40!  We went and got 50 minute massages for only 30 bucks each.  And, at least for me, it was very nice!  Lance said instead of a massage he got a rub, but that it was still relaxing.  We'll probably go again in a while but just make sure that we request good therapists rather than ones just starting out.  So after our massages we made it just in time to go see Step Up 3.  I was pretty excited, only because I love watching the dancing and wishing that I was only that good.  I really wasn't expecting anything great but it wasn't that bad.  I just l.o.v.e.d the first one so much that I'm always hoping the next one will be just as good, but Lance liked it so that was good I guess.  On Saturday Lance went golfing with Kevin to Davis Park and I went house shopping with my mom.  While looking around at all the houses it hit me what major changes will be happening in the future.  But I do feel like things are finally starting to fall into place.  It still might be a while til things are where they are supposed to be but I know that God has a plan for everyone and He'll make it work for my family.  Once we were done looking my mom took me to Yogi Berry for some frozen yogurt.  I've said this before and I'll say it again but I love this stuff because it's like you're being naughty but you really aren't.  It seriously is my favorite!  Speaking of which,  I've lost ten pounds so far and I'm so proud that I'm almost to my goal of fifteen total.    I'm starting to think that I want to get down ten more pounds though and then maintain it from there on.  It feels so good to know that I'm eating healthy and losing weight the safe way.  I was looking at old pictures last night of when Lance and I first met and how bad I felt about myself back then compared to how I feel now.  I told Lance to come back and look at some pictures with me and showed him these same pictures.
I jokingly said to him, "look babe, we've changed roles."
He looked back and me and jokingly said, "I know, we've changed rolls, literally."
He always cracks me up and that's just one of the many reasons I heart him.

[.i like to ride my motorcycle i like to ride my bike.]

Last night most of Lance's brothers &wives along with his parents all went for a ride up American Fork Canyon.
I must say I was way excited for this.

my bobble head of a cute helmet

pretending to have me some highway bars

Finally through the canyon!!
How's that recliner Tim?  Do you need a pillow or two?
it was seriously so pretty on the way back
I even caught the airplane :) up towards the top
(very small though)

Once we got back Myrna made some homemade peach ice cream!
it was scrumptious

bike rides through the canyon
my husband
homemade {peach} ice cream
the best

[.she may have attitude but she's still fun.]

Around noon on Saturday I went to my friend Sarah's house to start getting ready for the baby shower we were throwing for Kaylyn.  We always get together SUPER early before throwing showers because, let's face it, when you're having fun things don't get done quite as fast as we'd like.
We went and bought items for crepes and looked at cute baby things!  Looking at all these things made me want my own little "fischy".  And Sarah doesn't help, always encouraging me to have a baby!  Sorry people, it's gonna have to wait!  I don't need any more added stress right now ;)  Anyway, we went back to the house and cut up fruit for the crepes, got music play-lists ready and read cosmopolitan before the guests arrived.
Just some guilty pleasure!
People starting showing up and we all hung out for a couple hours. As people were leaving we started to clean up and I tried not to die making it home in time to be there for Kevin to drop off Ty and Brooke.
It was raining like crazy!
But I made it :)

I knew it was going to be quite the task trying to keep these two hooligans entertained for the next two and a half hours.  So I did what Brooke and I like to do best.
[we d.a.n.c.e.d]
for a long time
and I'm pretty sure it wore us both out.
Then we went for a walk around the block and came back to start watching Toy Story before being picked up to go back home.

Just because I love to embarrass myself, why not. . .