[.if you tickle me, I am NOT responsible for your injuries...remember that.]

Last week Lance and I took a day to go visit my Grandma and Grandpa Neilson and my Grandma Hamblin.  We decided it had been a while since we'd gone to just sit and visit.  So that, we did.  We ended up staying longer than we intended at both places but it's always so nice to just sit and talk.  First we went to my Gma and Gpa Neilson's.  They are so cute.  We drove up and they are both standing in their back yard by the fence trying to keep the rabbits from coming to eat my grandma's flowers and garden.  They were so excited to see us when they turned around, took us inside and asked if we wanted dinner.  They take such good care of us!  But that's not why we go over to visit.  I love going over because I seriously want to be just like them when I am older.  They set such a good example to me and I would be honored to be half of what they are.  They never let us go home empty handed.  My grandma went downstairs and ground me up some whole wheat, they gave us some tennis rackets, a cookbook and my grandma even picked the flowers out of her garden so I could have a vase of flowers on my table for spring.

Afterward we went to my Grandma Hamblin's house to say hi.  We ended up staying and talking for about an hour.  I seriously love how easy going and funny my grandma is.  We could have probably stayed another two hours just chatting.

For Easter, Lance and I went to Coral Pink sand dunes with his family and the family friends.  I really love this tradition.
(Minus all the sand)
We went up Thursday during the day and came home Sunday evening.  It was especially nice because Kevin let us borrow the wheeler for the weekend.  I loved that we were able to just jump on and go for a ride wherever, whenever.  I'm pretty sure Lance and I got a good four or five hours on it.  Am I weird that I kinda found our rides romantic?  I really did.  I love being able to hold on tight to the person I love most, close my eyes and just fully trust that he won't hurt me.  Besides that, we're cruising through naturally made sand dunes with no one around, where it is completely quiet except the sound of the engine; you can just ride along, think about life, and laugh at the silliness you feel with your husband.  Honestly sometimes, I give Lance a hard time for not being romantic enough, but it's times like those rides that I will not take for granted.

Anyway, remember how my dog chewed up my phone charger?  And my first thought was, "hey, at least it was only the charger and not the whole phone."  Well, I gave myself a little scare the other day at the dunes.  I took my phone on a ride with me so I could take a couple pictures to send to my friends.  Since they wanted to come, but couldn't, I decided to make them a little jealous and send some pics.  Obviously that's not how life works, making people jealous, because along the ride back to camp I had the urge to check my pockets.  Lo and behold, my phone wasn't there.  Go figure!  Of course it would happen.  I lose everything!  Or at least leave them in places they shouldn't be!  Like my purse for example, it likes to betray me in places like Arby's in Evanstan, Las Vegas casinos and Layton Walmarts.  So, why wouldn't my phone want to join the fun?  Well, about half way back to camp I stopped on the wheeler and looked around to make sure my phone wasn't playing any tricks on me and just hiding under the seat.  Yeah, not the case.  It wanted to play some serious hide and seek.  IN THE SAND!  As I was stopped, I turned around and looked at Diet.  He stopped behind me and I said, "Uuuhh.... my phone is gone!"  He looked at me and said "Well, lets turn around and get it!"
I'm screwed.
It's like finding a needle in a hay stack except a bazillion times worse!!
I'm NEVER going to find it.
Let's just keep going!  Please Diet, don't make me turn around!
Yes, these were the exact thoughts going through my head.  Diet started to turn around and I followed, making sure he was about 50 feet ahead of me so we could both keep an eye out.  I was praying like crazy we'd find it.  As we were re-riding our tracks I saw Diet go up to a group of people, I'm sure he asked, "have you seen a phone?"  I'm also sure they thought, who is the idiot who lost their phone!?  Haha.  We kept riding along, I saw Diet slow down (I'm thinking to myself, please, please, PLEASE!!) he came to a stop and surely enough Diet found my phone laying there in the sand.  With a new track right next to my phone.  I caught my breath said about fifty thank you prayers and seriously couldn't believe it wasn't completely buried.

After that huge relief, I got to relieve myself one more time.

See this here?

This would be my Measurements binder.  This class was the death of me this last semester.  I can honestly say I didn't learn ONE thing.  I loved the teacher as a person, he is an awesome old Harley man that always wears a doo rag.  But his class I could not stand!  It gave me anxiety and a panic attacks after every class because I could not, for the life of me, understand what was going on.  At least I wasn't the only one that felt utterly stupid and worthless in that class.  Pretty much everyone had D's or F's.  So luckily, because of the curve I ended up with a B!  Which was more than fine by me!
I've never actually thought about burning a book until this class.  And the dunes gave the the prime opportunity to do so.

I probably could have just thrown the whole thing in the fire, but what fun would that be!?  Section by section felt much better!

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

How could I have gone on this long and not mentioned my pup!? haha.  Well, we found out he gets car sick.  On the way down he threw up once.  Luckily it was just a couple strands of grass to clean up.  But other than that he was so good the whole time.  He slept outside and did really good each night.  He met 4 new friends while we were up there, two of which were pretty much his exact age.  He was lovin life!  Although he played with other pups for three straight days I think he missed his parents just a bit.  Along the ride home he kept scooting closer and closer up to the front of the car to be by us.

Don't mind the no-shower-sun-burnt-wind-blown look.

Missing it already.

Found a good quote today...


[.stop competing with others and start competing with yourself.]

My last final is tomorrow.  And I am SO relieved!  The next two semesters should be good!  I'm looking forward to my internships and excited to actually do hands on, real life, classes. I have met some awesome people during these last few semesters and they keep me totally sane.  I'm so glad to have met them and I know I will stay friends with them throughout my life.  

In other news...

i love my dog and the simple joys he brings into my life :)

[with no sarcasm implied whatsoever]


Well, Lance and I had talked about getting a truck for a while.  We'd go on walks and talk about it, if it was the right decision, the pros and cons, the cost, the need vs the want, etc.  You know, the important stuff, right?  So over the last few months Lance had been searching KSL day in and day out for a good deal on a truck.  Everything we found seemed kinda ridiculous.  If anyone knows my husband, you know he's picky.  He wants EXACTLY what he wants, and if it's not EXACTLY what he wants he won't consider it.  So eventually after looking for a while he said,
"Okay, maybe it doesn't have to be a 2500, a 1500 may work."
"So, a gasser instead of diesel might be okay."
"I really wanted the 4 doors, but if not, oh well, we don't have to have them."
You could just tell by his voice that he was a little bummed his "ideal" truck wasn't showing up on KSL.

Well, I knew it was the one without even looking at the picture when he was so excited and yelled at me from the other room, "Hey babe!!  Come here!  Huuurrrrrrry!!"
(as if it was going to disappear)

I got the feeling, "this is the one" before even seeing it, just by the tone in his voice.  I stopped making lunch and went into the other room to see what our next purchase would be.

As usual he calls Timmy to get a second opinion, let alone a third or fourth.

Lance ended up going to see this truck with Tim and his dad.  He made the decision before hand that he wasn't going to buy it if I hadn't seen it.  Really?  Like I have a say here!? ;)

I left work a few minutes early to go check it out.

Of course we both loved it and decided to give an offer.  The guy eventually accepted our offer, then off to the bank it was.

Here is Allis.  An '06 Chevy duramax, 2500HD, four door, long bed with a tool box.  It really is exactly what we wanted, minus a few maintenance repairs (which will be an easy fix).  We feel extremely blessed to be able to have gotten such a steal on this truck.

...now we can take our pup campin with us...

[no that is not the only reason we bought a truck:)]

And something I've enjoyed lately...
Sometimes I like to pretending like I'm on step up and dance in the kitchen with the music blasting :)

[.can't wait til this arrives!.]

Bought this on Amazon today.  I can't wait to get a cookin!


[.ya wanna know a good feeling?.]

When you are completely registered for school until you graduate!!!


[.talking with quiet confidence will always beat screaming with obvious insecurity.]

I'm gonna have to say I've been quite the cook as of late!  Well if you count two meals as quite the cook that is.  I've made Pork Barbacoa Burritos and Three Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta.  With some easy healthy modifications of course:)

I also had mad cravings for banana splits last week.  So for dessert almost every night, that's exactly what we had.

All things in moderation, it can't always be healthy :)

So, to burn off some of the extra calories Lance and I take Rudy on walks.

This is what happened the other night.....

Walking down the street a dog ran out of their yard to come follow us.  So immediately we stopped because the lady jumped in her car to come grab him.  She tried bribing him with treats.  That didn't go as planned, Rudy ate three of the treats by the time her dog Charly even got one.

After about five minutes of trying she finally asked, "Will you please put your dog in the car, maybe Charly will follow him in there."

So, that's exactly what we did.

I was trying so hard not to let her see me laugh or take the picture.  I think Rudy thought he was going for a ride.  Sorry dude.  Eventually she just picked up her dog and threw him in the car and off we went.

Okay, here comes the obsession.  And here is why...

He loves being our watch dog.

He loves laying in the sun just like his mama.

He loves to snuggle in weird positions.

He loves to watch TV with us late at night, whether it be up by our face...

...or down by our feet.

And simply because, I just can't get enough of this face!


Softball starts Monday.  I am excited!


[.you've got to be kidding me.]

These are the ultimate easter candies, are they not!?


Well, look what I found this morning!!


Mini Cadbury Egg SCONES!!
Oh my, I'm SO making these for Easter!


[.i want this.]