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Since Lance worked over the weekend I spent a few good needed days with my family.  Saturday we went to the air show and sat in the C5 for about an hour waiting for the rain to pass.  We finally decided to just go out to lunch instead.  Of course, the second we get to lunch the skies are perfect.

All huddled in the plane.

Sitting on the floor snuggling to keep warm.  My feet were asleep and my legs were numb from being so scrunched.  But it was still fun non-the-less.

Running back to the car trying to stay warm!

Even with the umbrella we still managed to get soaked!

On Monday, I managed to run to Lagoon between clients and spend a good part of the day there.  Perfect weather and good times.

I thought I had this ride recorded on the Jet Star, but then once I checked apparently I somehow hit the stop recording button.  But at least we got a picture in before hand.

Tradition to always ride Calossus first thing when we get there!

Alright, if you even care to watch the video, don't mind my hyperness.  I was with Jenna all day, what do you expect!? ;)

So, Griff and I have been making videos for our upcoming channel on youtube.  Here is one of the bloopers that I will be keeping for sure. "And they're..gone." Perfect timing haha. 


[.be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.]

It has been a busy last couple of days, but they have been good!  Here they are in pictures :)

What I love about this picture: Her wet hair straight out of the shower, she is wearing my old shirt, and Wyatt in the background looking at the camera.

Lance's yummy s'more.

For our 3rd year anniversary, Lance and I went horseback riding at Antelope Island.

For some reason this reminds me of the American Gothic picture.  Not sure why haha, but I love it none-the-less.

Our horses, Numbers and Maverick. 

I sure think he's pretty cute :)

After our ride we went to lunch at Applebee's of course, did a little shopping.  I should say, I did a little shopping, Lance did a lot more.  We went on a hike to Pretty Valley up behind our house and right when we were ready to head home and crash for the night, we went to Smiths with Jenna and Isaac to get ice cream to make shakes and then watched Courageous.  I, of course, fell asleep half way through.  Hey, at least I made it half way this time!