[.lack of passion is fatal.]

A little while back Lance and I took a small fishing trip with Diet, Matt, Tim, Kamie and Reagan.  I'll brag for a minute and say that I was the first to catch a fish on the new boat.  I was pretty proud, then Tim had to show off and catch an even bigger fish. 

Last night we were able to attend the super cross event at Rice Eccles Stadium.  It was definitely fun and we even had our own suite.

Before the show started, we were all playing behind the screen of the window.
Jenna says my muscles are "huge"..I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing? ;) 

Here's a short clip!

This isn't even my whole family but we all tried to fit in the camera!  Still missing Jake, Mandy and Lorin!

[.to some people, it's a mountain, to others, it's an opportunity.]

Since we didn't end up going to Coral Pink Sand Dunes last weekend, instead we decided to go to Moab this weekend. It may have been a short trip but it was well worth it.  I love just being able to hold on tight to my hubby, talk about life while riding and taking the time to enjoy what has been created for us.  Life truely is amazing when you stop wishing for a moment and live in the present.

Sorry it is blurry, I'm trying to figure out how to keep it from blurring once I convert it over to youtube.

[.complaining is silly, either act or forget.]

For far too long Jenna and I have been talking about playing tennis.  Well last night was the perfect night to start the summer right!
(Should I say summer when it is freaking snowing outside!?)

Our oh-so-dramatic tennis pose :)

Suprisingly, I won and felt too bad letting Jenna run the "laps of shame" by herself, so I finished off the second lap with her.
There will be many more nights of tennis.
We will be champions by the end of summer.