[.Just some Basketball.]

We had a weekend full of basketball events!  It started off Friday night going to the Weber State game.  I bought 2 tickets for Lance and I for 22 bucks! (When I was planning on only spending $10 in the first place!)  I have a class that requires me to go to "extra-curricular" activities, and though it'd be a fun date for the two of us.  I've never been the school spirit type.  I can count on both my hands the amount of times I went to school games.  Anyway, Kevin saw a coupon in the newspaper for Weber Family nights.  Six tickets for twenty-five bucks!  What a rip off I got right?  Well Kevin thought to bring Brooke, Jake H. and Isaac and they could go to the game with us!  So once we got there I went to pick up our tickets at will-call.  I asked the lady if I could possibly get my money back because I wanted to get different seats by my family.  She looked at me like I was an idiot saying, "If you already bought tickets why are you getting different ones?"  Apparently I didn't make myself {clear} enough.  Being more specific I said, "I bought 2 tickets earlier today, now my family is doing the 6 for $25 deal, I am wondering if there is any way I can get my money back for the 2 tickets I purchased earlier so that I can sit with my family." She replied saying, well normally we can't' but I'll go through and avoid the transaction! :) Look at that!  Normally I would have just thought to myself, oh well, we bought tickets anyway, we'll just sit in the other seats.  I guess it's never a bad idea to try!
Unfortunately my little sister is a wuss!  When the wildcat came by to pass out claws she wanted one so badly but when we hopped her over the seat she fought back not wanting to go get one.  So, because I'm so mean, I told her she missed out and wouldn't be able to get one.  I guess I'm not mean enough, I gave in.  I took Brooke with me to go to the bottom of the bowl and ask some man for a claw for my little sister.  Well, here's where I really felt like an idiot (I guess that ticket lady was right).  Standing above the bald man in his purple shirt, I leaned forward to tap him and nicely asked if I could get a claw for my little sister.
He looked at me and said, "I'll give you one if you sing me the school song!"
What the heck!?!  I don't know my school song!! 

I tried to come up with something quick, and said, "I don't go here, I can't sing their song!"  He threw it right back at me, "Okay, then where do you go?
"SLCC?" (not even knowing if they have a freaking song!  Hopefully not!)
He then said back, "Sing their song!"
I need to stop digging myself into a hole!

I looked at him desperately, "Sorry! I can't do that for  ya!"
Then he really made me feel lame, "What kind of example are you to your little sister if you don't even know your school song?  Where did you go to high school?"
By this point, I just started laughing knowing I was getting absolutely no where!
"I went to Davis High"
"You have to know their song! Sing it and you got the claw"
"Well, we're out of luck then! But if you give her the claw I promise you, I will learn Weber's, SLCC's, and Davis High's school song and teach them to her, can I please have the claw?"
Good-neeessss!  I didn't know it'd be than difficult!  I should have just pretend to speak Spanish, pointing and making gestures of the claw!  After he gave us the claw, I wanted to gently pat his bald head and say thank you!  But I held back and just said thanks with a smile!
I regret even going down to get that thing because it just kept slapping me in the face the whole time with Brooke sitting next to me screaming, "GO WE-V-ER!"  We made fun of her telling her to say WeBer and asking her if her name was Vrooke?

Luckily Saturday was better than the night before!  I actually knew the people on the team that was playing and I didn't have to sing a school song!  I hate to brag, but Jake really is talented at basketball!  Or at least he's got some hops!  He jumped so high that on his way down his butt landed right in one kids face! I kinda felt bad, but it happens.  My favorite move though was when Jake stole the ball.  The other team was running towards the hoop, as they were almost there Jake stole the ball (still facing the other team's hoop) and chucked it backwards over his head towards their side of the court!  One kid from Jake's team took the ball and laid it into the hoop!  After the game Jake told me that he just has "court-awareness" and knew he was running that way.  Well whatever it was, it was a good game and fun to watch.

[.The way you respond to life will ultimately define your own.]

I really like that quote from jmw.  I truly believe that they way you view life, either positive or negative, is really how your life will end up.  So with that being said I've tried to put a positive twist over the last couple days.  Thursday night I went with Lance to watch him play church ball at his old ward (this really wasn't something negative, but something funny).  While I was there I helped watch 3 kids Alex, Bella and Sammy, of one of the players.  They were so stinkin cute.  Alex tried racing me while I was holding his two little sisters running across the gym (the carpeted part).  Of course I let him win a couple times.  Anyway, I could tell Alex really needed to go to the bathroom while we were in the toy room.  I tried to hurry to get him to the bathroom cause I could tell it was getting bad, he was walking so fast that he pooped his pants!!  He got so embarrassed and told me how it has never happened before and to watch my step so I don't step in it!  Just his expression was so funny!  Obviously I cleaned it up, just preparing me for one day in the [later] future.
Friday lance tweaked his back at work which put him in a lot of pain.  Saturday rolls along and he decides to go play church ball.  Going in for a shot, he tweaked it even more to the point that he needed help to stand up.  He came home and just sat in the recliner trying to find a comfortable spot, asking me to take off his shoes and get a straw for his drink.  Things like that.  Later that day we were in a play for the ward activity.  I played Mary and Lance played Lazarus.  Lance's part was to come out of the cave having come back alive.  His hurt back helped him better play the part.  Walking slow and "pretending" like he's been suffering for months.  Although we are not the play-type, I feel like we did a good job.  The best part of all was that once the play was over a couple of our old nursery kids came up to us just to say hi.  I'm surprised they even recognized us, dressed up and everything.  The smiles on their cute little faces were priceless and made our night!
I was actually very excited for Monday to come along.  At first I was bummed because I thought I was going to miss the big KICK OFF at work that we've been working on for the last 3 months!  Then I was reminded that Monday was Martin Luther King day and  I didn't have school!  So I was so excited to be able to go to KICK OFF.  We had a good turn out and everything went as planned.  There was a catered lunch and everything! Mm!  I did also feel really bad leaving Monday.  Lance had to call in to work because his back was hurting so badly.  He was able to get it off and go into the Doctors office to get some supplies to make him feel better!  I left after lunch to go home and make sure Lance was alright.  I ended up watching a couple of movies while he was zonked out on the recliner!  At least it made him feel better!  The best part of this was that towards the end of the night Lance took some more prescription.  It made him so loopy.  His comments made me laugh, and he kept telling me how great and pretty I was!  He often tells me these things, but it was about every 45 seconds until it came up again.
This morning was pretty snowy!  I had been telling myself all morning that I had to drive extra extra careful because I didn't want anything to happen in our new car.  I had driven in the snow with it before, but not up to school going through Ogden.  It gets really bad driving up through there.  Normally taking me about 15-20 minutes to get to school it took me 45 minutes to get there today.  The whole time I thought, K drive slow, it's okay to be late - better late than not even there at all.  As soon as I got to the light to turn into the school, I just saw it coming.  I had stopped at the light, looked in my rear view and saw the car behind me not slowing down at all.  Shoot.. Shoot, (Bam, BAM) SHOOOOOT!!  I got hit in the back bumper only leading me to slide forward and hit the car in front of me sandwiched between two cars.  Luckily no one got hurt, luckily we had insurance, and luckily it wasn't my fault!  There can always be positive to something, even if it is a 3 car accident!


[.Any Ideas?]

I'm probably making a bigger deal about this then I should, but I want to ask for some opinions.  In one of my classes for school it is a requirement to do a 10 hour service project that promotes fitness.

 Here is kinda my idea:
Have a 5k (3 mile) walk for elementary aged kids (it can be shorter if needed), not sure if during school or after school, or on a weekend or what (this is why I need help/ideas!)  I would make flyer type invitations to give out.  After the walk I would show the kids ways to promote  healthy lifestyles and have healthy snacks afterwards.

K give me some ideas (and with your names if it's anonymous:)!!
Anything helps!

Thank you in advance!



I have to admit.. I've been lacking in my "housewife" skills this past week.  I let the laundry pile up and I let the dishes pile up (ugh, dishes!).  Not once have I motivated myself enough to get these chores done.  Usually I like to do them so our place feels clean.  Not last week.  I actually was going to take a picture to show how bad it was, but then I thought to save myself the embarrassment.  Really though, it was .h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e.
 Lance and I spent 2 hours on Monday night taking care of the dishes.  I know, 2 hours, I told you it was bad!!  During this time he had an "inspiration" to look on KSL for portable dishwashers.  And nothing but $200 items kept popping up.  20 min later, once we finished this lame but necessary task, he looked again. . .  This is how the story goes;

Lance:  "BABE! $85, posted 18 minutes ago!!"
Me: "Freakin-A, call them right now and get the dang thing!"
[Not thinking he was actually going to call at 10:00 pm, he did..they posted 18  minutes ago, they should still be up right?!?]
(Lance:talking to Bob)
(Me: waiting anxiously trying to listen)
Lance: "I'm calling him again tomorrow to go right after work!"
Me(with prune-y fingers and 7 different hangnails from hot, hot water):  "THANK YOU!!!  Now, let's go pray hard that we get it!"
(I really don't think that pretty much begging for it was going to get me anywhere but it was worth a shot.)
Well, long story short, Jake and Lance went Tuesday to go bring it home!  What a relief!  I'm glad we were able to get it at such a great deal.  We've already used it twice, once to make sure it worked and again just last night to actually do our first load in the dishwasher!

Lance told me he was going to take a nap before I got home yesterday, which I was totally okay with because we need to start scheduling in a nap time.  I came home from work yesterday and ALL THE LAUNDRY was put away.  Seriously, it must have taken him at least an hour!  I didn't want to go home to do homework, practice a primary skit, get dinner done, do laundry and try and fit watching Biggest Loser in all in one night.  So since that was so lovingly done for me I was able to hurry and get us something to eat, be done in time to practice our primary thingy-majig, go get gas so I could make it to work today, hurry home, take a few quizzes, get my reading done and finish just time time by 9:30 to watch Biggest Loser and go to bed!  Man, if it weren't for Lance I'm sure I would have been up til midnight trying to get everything done.


[.Always choose life.]

1.What did you do in 2009 that you have never done before ?

To start off, I got engaged (which is the beginning of a long, adventurous journey),  planned my entire wedding, got sealed in the temple for eternity to my best friend, went on a cruise, bought/rent a basement apartment,  and bought a new car.

2. Did you keep your New Year’s Resolutions and will you make more for 2010?

I don't remember my 2009 Resolutions really, but I do have quite the list for 2010 and I'm hoping they all get accomplished!

3. Did anyone close to you give birth in 2009?

I know a few people who had some kiddies, and as of right now I know 8 people who are currently pregnant.  (I'm not taking that as a sign!)

4. Did anyone close to you die in 2009?

Not anyone close to me.

5. What countries did you visit this year?

On our honeymoon Lance and I were able to go to Bahamas, I will never forget it!:)

6. What would you like to have in 2010 that you lacked in 2009?

*I would like to cook more for the two of us.  I want to start planning out our meals at least 1 week in advance.  It's going to try and be hard, but Lance will be getting home before me on Tuesdays and Thursdays and volunteered to help! (Now, I just have to do my part and have it planned so that he can do it!)
* I really would like to do all of the crafts I look at rather than just think about how cute they are!
* I would like to attend the temple more frequently.  I'm grateful we have a Temple so close to us. I love the fact that as I'm driving to work every morning I see how bright it is on the mountain in the complete darkness! It's almost part of a daily reminder to help me think of our Savior.

7. What day will be etched in your memory and why?

There are good days that I will never forget, and bad days that I hope to someday forget.  I will never forget the day Lance and I got married, May 13th,  and the feelings I had the whole month of May.  I need to remember to try and be more like I was that day, everyday.

8. What was your biggest struggle this year?

My biggest struggle this last year I must say has been trying to keep my family together.  I know I can't control everything, but I do feel that if I try my best I will not be held accountable for not doing my part.  Enough said, before I start to bawl.

9. What was your biggest achievement this year?

I made it to the Temple!
Oh, and I cliff jumped at Lake Powell.  Even though it was a small one, and took about 10 minutes, I still did it!

10. Did you suffer any illness or injury in 2009?

Nothing  serious, just a couple really bad sick days.

11. What was the best thing you bought this year?

I believe all of our purchases have been great!  There were definitely needs, and a few wants:)

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?

Jake made homecoming royalty and asked me to be his escort, that meant a lot to me.

13. Whose behavior disappointed you?

I don't like questions like this, so I'm going to decide to skip it.

14. Where did most of your money go?

It did and it still going towards Rent, doubling our car payment, and savings.

15. What did you get really excited about this year?

Being able to come home to Lance! I always hated having to leave him and drive home while falling asleep!

16. What song will remind you of 2009?

There are too many:
Broken - Lindsey Haun: This has been my song that has gotten me through the struggles of the past year.
One Day You Will - Lady Antebellum: Another one kind of like Broken.
Beautiful Life - Fisher:  This was on my little brother Tyden's NUAP graduation video.  It is one of my happy songs!
Pokerface:  Played every 2 seconds on our honeymoon!
New Divide - Linkin Park: Will always remind me of Transformers!

Echo - Gorilla Zoe
Then there are my dance songs!!
Lollipop - Mika:  My girls!
along with,
You belong to me - Anastacia: We'd karaoke all the time!
You Belong with Me - Taylor Swift:  Dancing at Paces with Sarah!
Tik-Tok - Ke$sha: I love her voice.
I Look Good - Chalie Boy
You're a Jerk - New Boyz (yes, it gets annoying, I can only stand so much, but it reminds me of the year)
Ice Cream Paint Job - Dorrough: Yeah buddy!
Okay that's enough!

17. Compared to last year, are you: much happier, much nicer, or richer?

Happier and hopefully nicer, I'm hoping one day to be richer but I'm happy with what I have.

18. What do you wish you had done more of?

Exercised, I felt like I let myself go more than I normally do.  I also wish I had done more cleaning.  I do a lot of it, so maybe I'm just wishing I had more time to clean more often.

19. What do you wish you had done less of?

Watching reality shows.  But I just love them!

20. Did you fall in love this year?

I love Lance more and more everyday.  We have fun together, especially when we get a little loopy and do random things!  And maybe not necessarily fall in love but I've learned more of how to love people for who they are, I've always known this lesson but I've actually experienced it more this last year.

21. What was your favorite television program of 2009?

Definitely Biggest Loser!  I'm addicted.  Even though those VH1 shows are lame and all acted out, yes I still watch them.  Lance and I also spend the later parts of our nights watching CSI: NY and CSI: Miami

22. What was the best book you read this year?

I really need to start reading.  Maybe it'll be my resultion in the next few years.

23. What was your greatest musical discovery this year?

The "happy songs".    Songs like Get Lucky by Dragonnette

24. What did you want and get this year?

Mm.. I know Lance really wanted the Wii, and we got it as part of our Christmas present.

25. What was the best movie you saw this year?

I really liked Blindside and Avatar.  I haven't seen 500 Days of summer, but I'm planning on it soon.  I also liked Transformers.

26. What did you do for your birthday and how old did you turn?

I tuned the big two-one.  Lance and I went to Wendover with my mom to see Bill Engvall.  I laughed so hard!

27. What would have made your year more satisfying?

To have more time in one day.

28. How would you describe your personal fashion statement this year?
For work: Dress pants and a "blouse" I don't like that word but yes I just used it.  For normal: Jeans and a normal shirt, nothin' to fancy.  I only dress up on occasion.  I'm pretty plain but wish I knew what I was doing when it came to "being fashionable".

29. What kept you sane this year?

I'm gonna hafta agree with Jenny on this one and say faith.  It always keeps me going knowing that things will be okay and turn out how they are supposed to.  

30. What celebrity did you fancy most this year?
Oh, channing for sure!  When doesn't he fancy me! ;) okay..and Taylor Lautner..  I also think Lauren Conrad is really pretty.

31. Who did you miss this year?

All my old friends.  I haven't seen them really since highschool, and we're all married people with busy lives.  Well, most of us.

32. Who were the best new people you met this year?

 I like everyone:)  Can't choose the best.

33. Tell us a valuable lesson you learned this year?

I've learned many lessons this year and sure I will just keep learning more.
Money truely doesn't buy happiness.  To forgive. I'd much rather fail at something I love than succeed at something I can't stand to do.  I don't have to win every argument.  I know that everything happens for a reason, and the Lord knows exactly what he's doing.  You can't control anyones life but your own.  Be yourself, who cares what others think.  If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn't be in it.