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The other day my cute friend Kristen from accidental county girl gave us a shout out and a blog award.

Here's how it works:
list 7 random facts that people might not know about you (to get to know each other better!) then pass the award along to more lovely blogs.

1.  I absolutely love quotes, if you couldn't tell.  If I could have a room full of vinyl quotes on my walls I would, but I know that would almost be annoying and quite ridiculous.  I do not have just one favorite; I would never be able to pick just one.

2.  I love talking about relationships, human interaction and why people do what they do, along with that I love discussing the future and ideas.

3.  I do not over use the phrase "i love you" (in other words, I do not say it for the sake of saying it).  I will say "I love you" but only if I honestly and truly mean it.

4.  The first movie I ever cried in was Free Willey and it didn't stop there!

5.  I walk fast.  My walk is probably the normal persons jog.  This is probably due to the fact that I pretty much always have something I could be doing.  

6.  I've learned to drive stick shift about 4 times, but couldn't tell you the first step when going to do it again.

7.  When I was younger I was deathly afraid that the vacuum would eat me.  Really, I jumped up onto the couch to get away from it!

Now for some more lovely blogs:

[.til the end of time, forever mine.]

I can't believe how fast two years went by!  We were pretty low key this year and went to dinner at Applebees then went home to snuggle under the covers on the couch with a movie.  Like I said, low key.  Here's a quote I found super cute that really makes me appreciate the relationship I have with my husband.  Love you babe!  Happy two years!

Saturday we went with Jenna, Kevin, Ty and Brooke and Kevin's brother Josh to the Knolls to go four wheeling.

Started as a windy, rainy day, but after a few prayers that quickly changed.
The sun came out and we were all able to have loads of fun!

Lance didn't want to turn around so here is the back of his head.

I love that he always feels the need to be by us haha

We took a few jumps!
watch out Lance!

Also, I may or may not have fallen off the 4 wheeler!  BUT I did learn how to drive one other than an automatic!  It just took me a bazillion few times to get it started in first gear.

After taking two riding trips this year already, Lance and I had the urge to go find a few trails by our house.  We had success.  I'm sure we will be going on more rides and I honestly can't wait!


[.Dear God, thanks for this beautiful life, and forgive me if I don't love it enough.]


[.the only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.]

Here are just a few random ideas over that past couple weeks.

As if his bed wasn't big enough, he's decided to take over the love sac!

I'm also teaching him to dance ;)

Speaking of dancing...

Lance and I went out and got ourselves the XBox Kinect for our anniversary gift!  We bought the Dance Central game to go along with it!  I am seriously loving it!  I can almost get 5 stars on Teach me how to Jerk on hard!  It's so nice to see a "Nintendo system" that isn't just sitting around, but one that is up and moving your body!

I've started my Internship at Lifelong Fitness gym!  I can't even tell you how excited I am to actually have it as my career one day!  I love it!  I love being able to help people who want to better themselves!  It's also giving me more motivation than ever to get down to the nitty gritty and do it myself!  I've always known the ways, and I've always been pretty good at applying them to myself, but now is the time I'm going to give it my all.  Hence the reason I've started my FAT blog!

Also, this week, we had a Cinco de Mayo party at my work!  I brought Fiesta Lime Rice and some seriously mouth watering brownies!  And I made them bite size :) Portion control right!?

Except now I just found an alternative to Peanut Butter that isn't 200 freakin' calories and 16 g of fat for 2 tablespoons!!  I can't wait to try it out!!

Lance and I took another trip to FitLife Wellness Spa for another massage this last weekend.  It was so relaxing!  I find it funny that when we are finished we both look like we just came out of a week long nap.  I always feel so relaxed that I don't even want to get off the bed to get dressed!

Mother's Day was awesome!  We went over to Lance's parent's to visit for a bit after church and then went over to my Mom's after anxiously waiting for Jake to call from Tonga!  He called my Dad and Tracy before hand and got to talk to them for about two hours.  Then we got to talk to him for about 3 1/2 hours!  It was so good to hear from him!  I love that he has such an amazing spirit about him and can always make things to positive!

I hope every one had an awesome Mother's Day!  I'm thankful for all 3 of my amazing mothers!  And all of my grandmothers!