[.be curious, not judgmental.]

They invented hugs
to let people know you love them
without saying anything.

I had one of those moments this week and it was just what I needed :)

After 18 holes of golf on Monday, Lance and I went down to his parents to light some fireworks.  He loves to go all out, and bough this baby!

The rest of the fireworks!
We had some fun with the sparklers.

My best attempt for "Fischer". 
the after math..

It's been nice not having Young Womens Wednesday nights the month of June.  Even with just that one extra night a week it's felt like Lance and I have been able to do more things together, so last night we went fishing with his family up in the Uintas at Butterfly Lake.  It was nice to have the whole family there!  Well, mostly!  We missed Kam.
Could she be any more happy?  Mouth full of candy and a fish! 

Jenna always provides a good source of entertainment, even if it involves getting her line stuck in 2 trees :)

Right before we were all leaving Jenna asked, "Lance can I please have one last cast?"  It must've been her lucky day.  She finally caught her very first fish!
Here is Matt's "one last cast".. or second to last.

[.you don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not.]

This month has been busy...
ps - be prepared for a ton of pictures!

It started off with our Midnight 5k glowstick run!

We had a huge group! I loved it!!


A whole weeks worth of July consisted of girls camp!
I got to go on the 4th year overnighter hike up shingle trail creek in the Uintas.  It was so much fun! 

I shared a teeny two man tent with another leader.  I don't think I've ever been in a tent that small. 

It rained about 80% of the time we were there, no joke!

We even cooked our dinners in the rain.  The second the rain stopped we hurried and built a fire.  It stayed clear long enough to start the fire and have family home evening.  When the girls went back to their tents they realized their tents had water in them and their sleeping bags were soaked.  We all stood around the fire holding sleeping bags to at least dry them out to sleep in.  We also tried to dry and shoes and socks the best we could.

Waking up the next morning to pouring rain no one wanted to get out to pack up their tents.  I crawled out of the teeny two man bare foot and started to pack up, they quickly came out to help.  I'm so nice I know:)

I seriously had the best girls in the stake!  I'm pretty sure they were the only ones who didn't complain.  There were even some leaders complaining.

After we hiked out we went to meet up with the rest of our ward and stake.

The first night it was our wards turn to do skits.  The theme this year was "Grin and Bear IT" our wards given value was knowledge.

Our skit was titled Camps Got Talent, featuring Justin Be-bear...


...and the Black eyed Bears.  Our ward rocked it!

I believe I was originally supposed to be in charge of the 3rd year girls for certification, but since the 2nd year girls had to go on a 5 mile hike, they must've thought, "Oh, Kendra hasn't hiked enough, let's have her go!" ;)  I'm totally kidding, I actually really wanted to go, only more exercise right!?
Once again, I'll say it, our ward has the best girls!  The only complaint I heard was, "gosh there are so many rocks!"  Tough right?? 

They even wanted to run up the mountain!  That's what I'm talking about! 

 The staff gave the girls shaving cream to make cloud formations for certification.  How long do you think 13 year old girls last with shaving cream before getting into a fight??
Not long...
It probably didn't help that their leader thought it was funny rather than yelling at them to knock it off.  Who says you can't have fun at camp?

Some of the girls made their own apparel out of duct tape.  I was impressed.  Actually, I was impressed with these girls every minute.  They are all so talented and have such a strong love for the gospel.  I grew to love each and every one of the young women.

What is girls camp without braiding everyone's hair!?

Pinata time!

One girl (Laura)came who was visiting from Spain.  She was so amazing.  One night we walked around camp doing the Macarena.  We didn't have to bring music because Laura sang the whole song in Spanish.

I was glad to be able to go to Girls Camp this year.  I was worried taking another week off from school, but it was worth it.  Lance even came up the last night for the last devotional and testimony meeting.  If Lance learned anything about Girls Camp, I would assume the two top things on his list would be: Girls know how to bust moves on demand and they can easily cry for 2 hours straight :)


Once I got back from camp, I was immediately on to the next item of business.  Our annual tradition of going to Bountiful's fireworks!  They always give an amazing show!

As if I wasn't sick of camping, somehow Lance and I talked each other into going up American Fork canyon for the weekend.  So I text up Jenna, Terry and Janeal and they all wanted to come.  We were on our way the next morning!

Along with s'mores, banana boats and muddy buddies, here is our trip's story in pictures...

Life is good!

The end.