[.the meaning of life is to give life meaning.]

Mondays are also becoming one of my busiest days of the week.  They normally consist of the usual school then work, but besides that I come home, try to make something for dinner, do homework, take some tests, run with Lance and Jenna, watch The Bachelor, then proceed to doing even more homework!

Last Friday Jenna, Lance and I went to see the Joseph Smith movie.  I've seen it before but my intent was different from this time.  My first intention was to watch the kid I went to high school with who played 14-17 year old Joseph.  This time Jake had mentioned in his letter to go see it.  So that we did - and it was a good experience.  Afterward Tim and Kamie had invited us over to watch the Jazz game.  I felt like I hadn't seen them in forever, which was true, so it was nice to spend some time there!  We ate dinner, watched the Jazz then played a couple of games.  We played Tori's favorite Hokie Six - which I have yet to find ANYWHERE on the internet.  Then we also played Farkle.  Can you believe TWO weeks in a row my husband has played games - and enjoyed them I might add.  It's been fun.

Once Saturday hit, I had to work.  Can I tell the story of how my morning started?  Yes, I may. Sssooo . . .  I wake up early to make it to work on time!  There are some brownie points right there!  I get ready to leave and Lance asks if he can have the Corolla and I take the Honda to work.  Fine by me, I'm not picky.

Since I am very visual person,
let me paint a picture..

If you are a guy, you can shake your head and roll your eyes now..
[besides you Lance!]
[I saw that]

In order to go to work I had to reverse the HONDA out of the driveway.  Since our old driveway was similarly shaped I figured it would be a sinch!
...Or so I thought...

There was only so much space I could maneuver in until I hit the wall!  So I pulled forward, readjusted and tried again.. and again.. maybe one more time.. nope?  Again, and again and again!  I decided to get back to my normal spot and call lance for some help!  No answer.. how about another time?  Nope.  I parked, walked inside and asked him to please come help me move the car.
"Babe, it's easy, just go try again."
Blah, Blah Blah
Frustrated, I said "love you" and walked out to try again!
I tried about three more times until I was really upset!
I will admit, I floored it forward once or twice because I couldn't get out!

I finally get the GRAND idea to take my keys out of the car, go MOVE the corolla into the road, take the keys out and go pull the freakin car out of the driveway (then I would go pull the corolla back into the driveway).  As I was pulling out as happy as could be that I would actually be on my way to work, I see my husband come walking out the door to help me!
...Or so I thought...
I could tell by the look on his face he was thinking, "what the H are you doing!?" haha, I give him the look back like, "Oohhh!! NOW you decide to come help me!?
(you've got to realize - we aren't thinking these things is any rude tone, more of a sarcastic tone)
I finish pulling out and get ready to go move the Honda back into the driveway.  Lance comes up to my door and asks what was going on.  I told him (very upset) that I could not get out of the driveway so I moved the car to make it easier!
(I may or may not have said those exact words)
He said, "Have you seen the bumper!?"
"Um, no.  Is it bad?"
"Yes, make sure to look at it when you get to work."
(somewhere along those lines)
So we say goodbye and I'm on my way.
I realize as I'm driving that I didn't even finish getting ready and I forgot to get onto the ramp that takes me to the freeway.  So, I end up taking ALL of main street to get to work!  Before I arrived I called Lance to see when he was going to leave.
He responded, "I don't think I'll be going anywhere today."


Haha, those were my thoughts.  He did end up eventually taking it..to come visit me on my break, have lunch with me, and bring me my letter from Jake.

Later that night he asked if I liked my surprise.

I told him yes.

He said, "Yeah, I thought you'd like the letter!"

"Oohhh! I thought you meant the surprise of not freaking out at me this morning!"

Just a story I thought was kind of funny.

[.will we ever catch a break.]

It is seriously non-stop around here!  Last Saturday Josie and Tyler came over.  Us ladies made our men Chicken Parmesan, whole wheat pasta with marinara and garlic toast.  It took about an hour to cook so while we were waiting we sat in the kitchen talking with some music in the background.  It turned out quite delish.  We then proceeded to the gas station to buy the guys their drinks for the movie.  Before Josie and I even had a chance to scope out some treats the boys were ready to go.  We went back home and watched A-Team.  I've been wanting to see this movie so bad.  But, I slept through the entire thing.  I've only come to one conclusion as to why I sleep when I'm watching television or a  movie.  I've decided it is because I'm constantly on the move!  It's always go, go, go!  So, when I do in fact just sit, my body doesn't know what to do.  So it tunes out.  Snooze time!  After what felt like a 30 second cat nap the movie was over and people were getting up to leave.  I could not even open my eyes.  I probably talked about who knows what, but thats the funny part. Eventually, I did wake up somewhat and walked them to the door like a good host should.  It was a fun little date night.  We'll have to do it more often.

Like my friend, the Accidental Country Girl [cute name right!?  Love their story - her writing seriously cracks me up], I also have a laughing story.  The other night this same Josie girl came over to our house so we could take a test.  She was the sole witness of this tickle attack.  Lance knows that I can't stand to be flicked with rubber bands.  Along with that, he also knows that I can't stand to be whipped with a rolled up dish towel, let alone a wet one!  While talking in the kitchen (our main entertainment area for some reason now) Lance decided to pester  me.  Yes, he used a rubber band - yes, he used a rolled up towel and yes, he tickled me.  Flat on the floor, pinned me down with his knees over my arms so I could not move!  (Obviously he's learned something from when I used to watch Ty and Brooke all the time - dang karma!)  He tickled me til I could not breath, til I had bruises (out of pure fun of course), and until my lip quivered.  You heard me, my bottom lip quivered.  Which only lead to the three of us laughing with tears in our eyes.  I cannot explain how sore I was for the next three days from laughing so hard.

Since then, I have not stopped moving! (see what I mean!?)  Monday was VERY productive.  I woke up, went for a run, took a bubble bath, cleaned the house, went tanning with Jenna then to Striders and got a foot analysis to get correct shoes for the marathon(luckily I didn't have to change the ones I already bought), got a couple cute things at Rod Works (thanks Tori:), vacuumed out my disgusting car, went Home to pick up Lance only to go to Home Depot for some wood to make a plaque deal, went running with Lance and Jenna, then made dinner and watched the Bachelor!  Whew!  Let me catch my breath!  But it felt so good to be productive!  I need days off more often!

Tuesday came along - these are the MOST busy days of my week this semester.  I wake up to be to step class with Marci by 6:30 AM.  Except I skipped out this week due to the lack of sleep!  Once I have had my workout in there, I go to the gym to do weights and more cardio!  Then quickly shower to make it to my 10:30 class!  (Which is totally pointless by the way and an utter waste of time - shh)  Once it is over at 12:20 I speed to my mom's house to grab a bite to eat then run back to work by 1:00!  I get my LONG and dreaded 4 hours in until 5!  (did you catch the sarcasm there!?  I'm hating only working 4 hours a day!) Once 5:00 hits I run back to my mom's house to change into my best dress Pace's attire and try to make it to work by 5:30!  Once 10:00 PM hits, I harp on all the poor paces girls to hurry and clean because I already hear my pillow shouting my name!

Wednesday doesn't even decide to slow down.  School - work by 1 and then mutual at 7.  Except for, it was New Beginnings last night.  So it started at 6.  Which meant be there by 5:30 to help get things ready.  Oh and bring a Chicken Noodle Soup even though you work til 5 and get home at 5:15.  You have 15 minutes to come up with a delightful soup.

So what did I do?  Ha - I killed two birds with one stone.  While grabbing a couple items for the office, I ALSO grabbed some Bear Creek chicken noodle soup along with some chicken chunks.  That'd work right?!  Well it was going to have to work!  I got home - threw  some water in a pot and stirred in the soup!  Since it only took ten minutes to cook I threw it into the crock pot and called it good.  The tricky part was the transportation.  I have had some bad experiences with crock pots so I didn't like this idea but it was my only hope.  The scalding hot soup in the crock pot was my passenger for the short trip.  I wrapped him in towels and stuffed him between a few select items in the passenger seat complete with a snug seatbelt.  Score!  He'd be safe.  NOT - have  you seen our drive way?  And the street up to our house!?  Reversing out the drive way and down the hill was a joke.  Holding the lid on the crock pot TIGHT so that no soup would spill everywhere while turning out of the drive way then shifting from reverse into drive and going down the hill, not fun.  The hills are so steep the soup would start to spill out of the lid.  The dips are so deep the soup would rattle around in the bitty pot.  My hand was extremely tired once I made it to the church.  But it made it safely.

New Beginnings was awesome.  The girls are SO sweet and spiritual.  I feel so inadequate to be their leader.  We introduced 13 new beehives into Young Womens, the Mia maids introduce the Values and the Laurels did a "what to wear" fashion show.  It was adorable. After helping clean up I went home to take two tests with Josie.  We each took our first Special Populations test.  We got bored of school stuff and told inappropriate shaving stories and bathroom stories.  We were crying we were laughing so hard and I even believe I choked on a peanut M&M.  After about a good half hour of that we decided to take our second test.  Then finished another homework assignment for Measurements (the lame class).

Tonight we'll do homework, get some shopping done for Jake, and go running.
Tomorrow night with consist of a date night with Jenna including dinner and the Joseph Smith movie.  Who knows what Saturday will bring.

Work is keeping me busy.  School is definitely keeping me busy and I CANNOT wait to graduate!

[.we are registered.]

for our first half marathon

we bought new running shoes

we took our first run
(up and down the mountain not to mention)

and about died

good thing we are training.

ps - we'd love cheer leaders :)
june 11

[.elder rose.]

I must say, I am so proud of Jake for choosing to serve a mission.  I look up to him as my younger brother in so many ways.  He sets a great example to those around him and is a great leader.  I know that he will make an awesome missionary.  Although I feel that he is such an amazing person already I know that this will only make him that much better.

Even though you are a bit of a goof we still love you!

Oh no, the tears are already comin...

I have created a blog for him that I will post emails to.
Stay updated here

[.parties, parties, parties.]

While Mandy and Lorin were here we wanted to make a trip to the Temple as siblings.  On New Years Eve we went to the Salt Lake Temple Endowment session and it was probably the longest one I've ever been to.  There were about 250 people and it was about three hours long.  But it was still a good spiritual experience.
Jenna and I also went with Jake to do Baptisms one last time.  I was cool to have Jake be the one to baptize and confirm the both of us.

For New Years Eve we went to Powder Mountain to go snowboarding.  We went with Jake, Jenna, Kevin, Lorin,  Mike, Syd, Jess and her date.  I will spare you the pictures.  But it was pretty fun, even if it was -12 degrees.  Since Lance and I normally go snowboarding about once ever two years, he pretty much has to re-teach me how to snowboard.  He was so cute and was very patient with me.  I stopped after a while and let the boys go on a few runs by themselves.  I think next year I'm going to try some skiing.  Don't kill me Lorin :)

After boarding we came back home and got a few things ready for people to come over.  Jake and Jenna, Mike and Syd, and Jess and Kyle came over.  We ate snacks and treats, played a couple games and then watched What Happens in Vegas.

Before Jake left we threw a few good bye parties.  The first one we threw at my Grandma Hamblin's church but invited people from my mom's and Kevin's side of the family.


Jake was soaking up as much time as he could with Jonah!
I decided to try and make a cake for Jake's party.  It was my first fondant cake and luckily it was mostly white so it was pretty easy.
I guess it turned out alright but I could have done a lot more to at least make it taste better.  Everyone was just especially nice and told me it taste good.

Then my Dad and Tracy threw a party for my dad's side and some family friends.

I think he loves her :)
It was good to see all the love and support that Jake has from our family and friends!


I see quite a few changes taking place in the future.

-it's a new year-
-it's a new semester-
-it's my last year in college-
-jake has left for 2 years-
[another new years resolution is to write him at least once a week]
-lance is applying for the police academy-
-i'm starting my photography business-
-lance and i got new callings in our new ward-
[he is the young mens sports coordinator and i am a mia maid advisor]
[i can't be any more happy that i got put immediately back into young womens - apparently that is where the Lord wants me!]
-we are also planning to run the utah valley half marathon june 11-
[planning in case ya didn't catch that!!]

It'll be a good year!