[.Yes, it really is a class.]

For some reason I get this odd idea to take fun different classes for exercise.  I introduced my friends to pole dancing (not what you think;), chair dancing and now Anti-gravity yoga (dancing? uh not quite..)  So I text up my friend Jacinda cause we're always up for crazy ideas like that and asked her if she'd want to go with me!  Of course she said yes ... I was so excited!! So, last night I accomplished my first yoga experience!  I was a little nervous at first but got used to it eventually.  I actually really liked it all, just thought the "meditation" part of it was a little odd.  The stuff that was like "relax and be aware of your palms, be aware of your fingers while you are deeply inhaling".  Stuff like that I felt a little odd but just went with the flow.  It was kinda slow at first cause all we were doing were stretches and I was a little disappointed cause I wanted a hard core workout..  I found out we were just building up to it!  There were so many different kinds of movements! I did ab workouts I didn't even know existed!  The fun part was getting to swing around on these hammocks during the workouts!  I wish we could have brought our cameras in, we would have got some seriously funny pictures!  I SO want to go again and learn more but it's so dang expensive!  I'm seriously considering buying a hammock!  But where on earth would I put it!?!  The kitchen!?  I totally would!  Then Lance would really wonder why he even married me!  Well here is a peak about how goofy I looked doing Aerial Yoga!
^^The fun stuff^^
vvThe hard stuffvv
This is how we did pull ups!  Except instead of hanging from a bar you basically lay down and pull yourself up!  Like I looked this graceful doing it!! Right!

[.we have officially.]

Started watching
i think we're hooked
Yesterday Lance went and borrowed the first 5 seasons from Doug and Britt.
We started the season last night during dinner around 5:00 pm.  We stopped it around 8:30 and walked to the gas station to get some treats then walked back home to start it up again.  We finished the first disk, started the second one and got in bed around 11:45.  I've heard good things about this show and that it is kinda weird.  We like it so far except I don't know who to trust yet!! I get mixed signals!  And what I love the most is that there are NO commercials!  Not even the need to fast forward.  We may be missing until these 5 seasons are finished!

[.i'm addicted.]

...for now...

[Assume nothing. Prepare for everything. Love everyone.] jmw

this is brit
she is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s
I got to see her last night for the first time in...about forever.
 and i missed her terribly
Lance accidentally ran into her and her husband Doug at the mall then
we planned to see their house, pup Nahla, and watch the Jazz game.  Nahla's adorable, even cuter than the pictures put her out to be! Except when she throws up her food and re-eats it
[at least she cleans up after herself right?]
Brit and I were gagging horribly trying to keep our own food down.
While Doug was showing off his surround sound system to Lance downstairs, Brit and I went upstairs...
dun dun dun...
to book yet another trip!  To VEGAS baby!  For their anniversary (exactly one month after ours)!  I'm seriously SO excited! Wow it looks like we'll be busy during the summer!
(Should I really have done summer school? *Hmphf* [is that even a word? Oh well, it's a sound..])
After recouping from Nahla, we..well Brit, made ultimate nachos with chicken, sour cream and salsa. MMmmMM!  I actually still feel a little sick from them, but like everything else..worth it!  We kinda watched the Jazz game and talked alot, my abs (that I don't have) are still sore from laughing so hard.  Lance and I ended up leaving a little after midnight because we both had to be to work early.  Lance got there on time, I slept in an extra 45 min..whoops?;)  Well it was fun and I seriously can't wait to hang out again!

[.One more month...]

Til Lance and I have been married a YEAR!! And... Until we are going to go to Cali!  I seriously can't wait, I've been needing this kinda vacation!  Or wanting it I guess you can say.  We confirmed all reservations yesterday, so it's official!
That is all.

[.Rub some dirt on it.]

Easter weekend was spent at the SAND DUNES!  We rode down with Tim & Kamie and didn't die in the snow storm on along the way.  We ended up arriving around midnight and were ready for bed!!  Immediately we set up our bedding in Lance's parents trailer and packed ourselves in there like burritos to stay warm!
Thanks for letting us sleep in your trailer!
Here is what our weekend consisted of.
Russ and Margaret's grandchildren are adorable!  They LOVED playing in these holes!  Every time either of them got in Lance's dad would go after them with a water bucket pretending to water them like plants, they were scared out of their minds!

Tori learned how to ride Matt's dirt bike!  She actually did really well for her first time.. Maybe there will be a bike with some sweet riding gear in the future?
Jake also got to learn how to ride Lance's bike!  I was really surprised at how well he did!  The first time he took off he killed it, but right after that he rode around a few times and made it look so easy.
My family came up Friday night and were able to go riding.  I must say I'm glad to be alive!  I should have known to never let my mom drive the wheeler with me holding on for dear life!;)
We absolutely loved being able to sit around the camp fire at nights!  Actually, the fire was pretty much going the entire time because of how freezing it was.
It was even colder when going for rides on the wheelers.  When everyone all went out at the same time Lance and I volunteered to take the scary one person "blaster".  I'm sure we looked ridiculous.  It was fun though that's all that mattered.  In the down time Kamie taught me needle point/embroidering/stitching.  I kinda felt like an old lady holding the loop but it got pretty addicting.  Maybe I found a new hobby or just something to do at work!
Ty is usually the main source of entertainment when going anywhere, luckily he found a hole or some holes!  He did something that cracked me up!  Each morning we made breakfasts out on the griddles.  Everyone would be getting their plates ready and all of a sudden you look back at Tyden and he is cracking an egg into a pot!  Um, a pot of syrup!  Kamie's homemade syrup to be exact!  I felt so bad, but I'm very glad to have a family that is laid back enough to understand Tyden and his cuteness.  Along the lines of eggs there were some chocolate eggs that were out.  The kind of eggs that have the outter shell on them.  Ty found those as well and yes he tried to crack them!  He's such a nut!  Thanks everyone for helping out with him!  And thank you everyone else for letting us stay and use your stuff:)  I can't wait for more camping trips to come!

[.A piece of us.]


[.I guess he got what he deserved.]

So tonight at Paces Sarah told me a story.  That I found really funny.  Sad, but funny.  And I really don't know why I'm sharing it but I'm still going to.  Sarah has a friend that nannied in New York, I don't know her name so I will call her Cassie. (Who knows why?)  The people Cassie were nannying for (I don't know their names either so I will call them the Andersons) had gone out of town for the weekend.  While the Andersons were away, their dog had passed away.  Cassie called the Andersons to see what she should do.  I wouldn't know what to do except feel bad that it had happened while I was the one in charge.  They told Cassie to put the dog in a large suitcase and take him to the vet so they could take care of him.  Well, this is New York remember.  I'm thinking the backyard?  But they probably don't have much of a backyard.  Anyway, Cassie willingly put the dog in the suitcase, got on the subway and was on her way to the vet.  When getting onto the subway an older nice man tried to help Cassie get the large suitcase onto the subway.  Cassie was very nervous hoping no one would know what was in the case.  The man curiously asked her why she was carrying such a heavy bag.  She instantly replied, "Oh I'm just working with some electronic supplies and I'm taking them to get looked at", hoping no one would notice that she way lying.  They stood and talked for a while, while waiting for their next stop.  Once the subway had stopped and the doors had opened the "nice" man immediately grabbed the suitcase and booked it out of the subway!  What a thief!! Taking all of her electronics!  I was laughing so hard just imagining the look on his face after stealing these "electronics!"  Seriously, just think of the words that came out of this man's mouth the second he opened the suit case!

:Moral of the story:

I guess Cassie didn't have to worry about taking the dog to the vet.  Just got off the subway and right back on going back home.  She didn't tell the Anderson's she'd replace their dog but that she would replace their suitcase!

Oh how I wish this could have been my story to tell!