[.live in the moment.]

Something that has been on my mind frequently is to live in the moment.  I can't look at my past and let it hinder me.  I have to make this very moment the best that it can be.  That doesn't mean I can't set goals for the future.  I have to let the past and future be my motivation.  I have loved having the opportunity to work with my uncle Griff.  He has helped me in more ways than he knows.  I know I am not perfect and I know that I make mistakes, but I also know that those mistakes do not define me.  My mistakes just prove to me that I am human but they also give me my drive.  I will reach my goals.

Here is a glimpse of the last few days via instagram

One day I wil have a garden.  Just becasuse I could barely manage
two peas this season doesn't mean that I won't have plenty of fruits and vegetables in the future.

 Spending about 40 minutes outside each day allows me the time my mind needs to relax and meditate.  Yes, I meditate, it is calming and does my mind and body good.

I've loved being able to sit out on our "porch" with Lancer pants and spend the time we get together talking.

My morning ritual.

Spending nights without Lance watching Matilda.

To celebrate 100 years of girls camp, the girls in our stake walked almost 7 miles from the Stake President's house to the Bountiful Temple along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail behind our house.  I'm always suprised how good the girls do on activities like this.  Here are a few of my girls (Olivia and Sydney) eating Chad's Pace Bars.

My pup when I come home from..well..anywhere.  Even if it was just for an hour.  Seriously makes me so happy!
Also, something I've enjoyed coming home to.. A clean home :) I'm a lucky girl.  When I asked his reasoning for cleaning he replied, "because I love you"
Good answer babe, good answer.

[.run like you stole something.]

I had to keep telling myself this on Saturday.  My main goal was to run the race without stopping.  Goal accomplished.
It definitely was a mind game though, that is for sure.
Many times I wanted to stop.  Telling myself that my foot hurt so I should stop for just a second, or that my hips were going to fall out of place.
Eer, wrong.  I hear excuses.  Keep freaking going.
I really almost started crying at the end, not because I was hurting (which I was) but because I knew that I was going to accomplish a goal that I set my mind to.
Running races is not all about how physically fit you are.  It is about how strong your mind is.  Stop telling yourself you can't, because you can.  Your legs are not chopped off, they are perfectly in tact, keep MOVING!
These were all things going through my mind the entire race.
When my feet were hurting, or my calves were on fire and I wanted to take a break, I kept thinking about all that I have in my life and those I surround myself with.  That is what kept me going. Thinking that the 75 year old lady in front of me isn't stopping so why should I?  I probably thought about every single one of my clients and the different struggles they all go through and how I need to set the example to them.  Thinking about Lance and how I would have to keep up with Rudy, yes they kept me going.  So many "legit reasons" excuses as to why I should have stopped.
But I had a plan.  A plan to run the whole time, and nothing was going to stop me.  Unless in fact, my legs did fall off, then I hope someone would have picked my sorry ars up and dragged me across the finish line.
But since that didn't happen, I was actually proud of myself for not stopping.  I know I could have done better, I know I could have trained more, but it is what it is and what happened, happened.  There is always another race to run and I'm only competing with myself.

My client Erica ran the race as well.  I can not even say how proud I was when I saw her crossing the finish line and with an AWESOME attitude I might add!

As sad as I was that Lance didn't run it with me this year, I was happy to see him cheering me on at the finish line, I hope he knows what he is in for.  He was there once, he's now expected to be there every time ;)

After our run we went over to get massages, Katie said something along the lines of "look at that man enjoying his massage and eating his creamy."  Well, look at that!  If it wasn't John Rhode himself!  The winner of Biggest Loser!  Inspiring those around him daily!

After these kind of experiences I'm always looking for the next thing to try.  I'm thinking cycling and swimming... I see a triathalon in my future..

[.the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.]

Last weekend we had Nate & Vir and Tyler & Chantelle come over on Sunday for dinner.
This is what you get when you put Lance on the grill ;)

we may have had a small
grease fire, but we took care of it quickly and threw some more food on the grill.
We played rockband and corn hole then had banana splits.

Last night Lance was able to come up with me on the overnighter I was in charge of for my fourth year girls.  We hiked up 1.1 miles behind our house to some property in our ward.  I am seriously so blessed to live where I do.  I love the mountains and I love that I can escape there any time I need.

I have now seen this movie twice and I love it.  It will be in my collection.  This song has been my ear candy for the last week now, I can't get enough of it.

Heck, here is another one that I'm loving.


[.it is better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring.]

Yesterday Lance came with me and my team to run in the Dirty Dash! I have such a wonderful husband who is willing to do the things that I like with me.  The hold up was a little longer this year than last, but we still crawled through the mud and hopped over walls and haystacks like pigs.

I'll just put it this way..some people have no care in the world to keep their bodies to themselves.  There are images in my mind I hope soon to forget.

I think it is kind of funny that I found this tanline when I got home.  I'm pretty sure it is from mud!?

After I almost fell asleep driving home we got cleaned up and made our way to the Drive In where we saw Snow White and the Huntsman and Battleship.  This drive in was the first one I've ever stayed awake through the first movie....Okay, okay, I may or may not have slept for like THREE minutes of the show.  But I'm not giving credit to myself, I'm giving credit to the Rockstar I drank before the show. First of all, I haven't had caffeine in ages, and second of all, if I ever do have an energy drink, I usually only have about half a sip.  Not the entire can.