[.destroy what destroys you.]

Be prepared..

Not being able to post since our computer crashed has been driving my nuts.  So thankfully Jenna is letting me use her computer :)  I've just been glad that I have internet on my phone for other things.

My sister Cortnie had her baby shower!  It turned out SO cute, there were a billion people which only means she got a billion presents and diapers!

We've been going on a lot of hikes up behind our house lately.  Rudy seriously loves it.

He gets most of his energy out in those couple hours then come homes and plops down on he floor.  He loves running with him momma along the firebreak road!

Since Lance worked on Valentines day we went to see spent the weekend before celebrating.  We went to  The Vow Friday night with Matt and Jacinda and then got massages on Saturday.  I knew I was up in the night thinking we could get an opening on Valentines weekend, but after calling about 13 places we ended up being able to find an opening for a couples massage in Sale Lake, and let's just say, it was amazing.  They are always so relaxing.  Then on Tuesday I went and had a romantic luncheon with Jenna at Subway, went to the mall with my mom then had planned a couple things for Lance to actually make it seem like Valentines later that night.  I felt very creative, it was cheap and tons of fun!

Last weekend we spent the day by Utah Lake shooting with my dad and Lance's parents.  I actually hit some clay pigeons this time around!  My bicep was bruised for days.  But it was well worth it!  Sorry about the crappy phone pictures.  If you look closely you can see the clay pigeons my dad and Lance shot.


This last weekend Jenna and I went down to Provo to see our friend Syd's Band play and received their new album release,  Brady Parks and the IndiAnns.  It was a lot of fun and I am pretty sure it was my first "party" as a non-college student.  Heck what am I talking about, I didn't even go to any "parties" as a college student.  But when the show starts at your bed time and you stay awake the whole time, that must mean it was a good show.  I'm excited for Syd, her amazing voice, and her band :)

Once again my husband was working all weekend so I also spent Saturday with Jenna, not necessarily a bad thing:)  We played Zumba, rapped like gangsters, played hat dress up in Walmart and bought peel off face masks.

 Our face masks looked more like we were sunburned rather than an actual mask, and it hurt like a sucker to take off!

And yes I know, these look disgusting.

I think that is all for now.  Ta Ta.

[.You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.]

I have been cleaning mostly all day.  And by cleaning I mean moving from one room to the next doing something small in each room.  Pretty much I've been so entirely lazy the last year and want my house absolutely spik and span.  The way I like it!  But....in order to that, everything needs a place.  No one would ever guess it when coming into our place but I am somewhat of a neat/clean freak and our living residence is anything but that.  It is filthy and I am sick of it.  I want everything to be organized.  I want everything to have a place.  I want to be able to sleep in a peaceful room, not one where I trip over something the second I get out of bed in the morning.  I want a place where I feel that anyone can come walking through the door at any given moment and I don't feel the need to rummage around picking up one thing after the other.

I want my kitchen to look like this..

Pantry, shelf, organize, label, storage, kitchen, declutter

and like this..

organize, label, storage, kitchen, pantry, declutter

I want my bathroom to look like this..

Get Clean, Get Organized

and my entry way to look like this...

Storage, shelf, bucket, label, organize, declutter

 Actually I do...One day.  I want to be brave enough to have these fun colors in my house!

I've always thought that once I get into a real house I will be my more organized self and that there will be more space for everything.  Well, what makes me think that I can not do that now?  Come on.  So, I started today.  I've spent a good 6 hours cleaning up and am not even close to where I want to be.  For some reason the laundry still never seems to get done.  BUT with my weekly "to-do list"  I have put laundry on it twice.  That way, once I get around to doing ALL of it, I only have to do small loads a couple times a week, rather than all of our clothes once a month, or every other, shh.

Here is to a new year's resolution!