[.I let Karma handle my dirty work.]

Sorry this will be kinda long but now that I have gotten some homework out of the way I'll take a minute to sit down an relax before I have to get started once again!  So let's begin with last week.
For my birthday I went to school, went to work, and took my mom to the hospital to get a cortisone shot in her back.  Sounds like a fun day right!?  Well Kevin and my mom took me to dinner at Applebees with Lance, Jake & Jenna and Ty & Brooke.  I LOVE that place!  Jenna and I split the 3-cheese-chicken penne and the Oriental Chicken Salad!  MMmm!  I almost forgot that I was supposed to make a fruit salad/jello my Lance's uncles luncheon the next day so Jenna and I ran to Bowmans to grab a few last minute items, went back to the house and tried to not eat all the pineapple before putting it into the jello.   Lance and I went back home and on our kitchen table he had left me some way cute flowers with some sick Nike shoes!

I wish I could wear them everywhere they are so comfy!
Saturday morning we woke up to head to the Draper Temple for Lance's uncle Steve's sealing to his wife Wendy.  I always love going to sealings because it always reminds me of the words I heard on the day Lance and I were sealed together and always makes me want to try harder to be a better spouse.
Of course football was going on, it was Saturday afterall, so we went to Lance's parents to watch the football game(s).  My dad had wanted to celebrate my birthday as well so he invited us for dinner Saturday evening.  Tracy always makes yummy meals so I was quite excited!  AND it was even HEALTHY dinner so it was even better!  She made chicken breasts stuffed with asparagus!  I'll have to make that one again sometime soon!  We stayed and talked for a while as usual.
Do you want to know the ONE thing I love about having multiple sides of the family!?  I get to celebrate my birthday like a zillion times!  On Sunday Kevin made katsudones for my birthday dinner!  I always crave these babies!  So so good!
Afterwards we opened presents and had cake:]
Kevin gave me a cute new shirt!  Jake and Jenna gave me my new favorite perfume!
Scratch and Sniff Here
Okay not really, but you get the point!
So this is kinda random but Jake convinced my mom to let him get another cat.  He is so dang cute!   We decided to name him DJ (Doc Junior.. Since Doc is 13 years old and all).
He basically fits in the palm of your hand and loves to sit on your shoulder like a parrot while you're walking around the house.
Anyway, after dinner and presents we went over to  my Gma and Gpa Neilsons to celebrate my Gpa's 72nd birthday and have dessert!
My Grandpa always reminds me how he is almost exactly 50 years older than me!  It's so cute!  At least I will never forget how old he is!

For young women's on Wednesday Angie (the Young Women's president) and I decided it would be a good activity to teach the girls how to make pie!  It might have been good if either one of us knew how to even make a pie before we tried to teach the girls a new skill!

Doesn't it look so appetizing!?
Well to start off, luckily I bought this graham cracker crust in case ours *homemade* one didn't work out. As you can tell, it didn't!  It pretty much tasted just like chalk!
Oh and did I mention the creamy rubbery bouncy-ball-like-consistency chocolate mousse!?
It was just splendid!
 I was sure to pile on about 2 cups of whip cream before I was even willing to try a bite!

But we still had fun!!
Somewhere in the middle of all this Diet and Myrna took Lance and I to Siegfried's for our birthday Lunch!  We all got wienerschnitzel and spaetzle. Tim and Matt decided to come along as well!  It was fun and so yummy!  Thanks you guys!
Afterwards we went to Tyler and Chantelle's wedding ceremony at the Draper temple and then later on to the reception!
Congrats to the both of you!
Over the last week I feel like my homework overload is way more overloaded than it should be! But I like taking a break and doing something fun every once in a while.
Our "relaxing" Saturday turned out to be..well..not so relaxing so to say?
We woke up expecting to go to the Turkey Shoot with my sister Cort.  That ended up not happening.  So Lance and I went to spend some of my birthday money and go to lunch.  As we were getting on the freeway we saw a copper.
We have a radar detector that has pretty much become worthless!  I say this because cops don't run off of radar anymore.  Unfortunately they run off of LASERS!  Which the detector does not detect!  So it went off basically telling us we were SOL!  We stayed a consistent speed getting on to the freeway hoping he wasn't coming after us.  Lance asked, "Babe he get coming!?"
Looking in the mirror I replied, "Yup!!"
As Lance was looking in the rear view mirror he saw the cop merge over two lanes!  Ah, we were safe! NOT! Not even ten second later the lights were flashin' right behind us.  We pulled over only to give the friendly officer our license and registration!  He came up to our window.  You know how this goes,
"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
Uh... No?  I was not speeding to get in front of all the other cars before the lane merged over!
"For speeding?"
"Yes, do you know what the speed limit is sir?"
I'm sitting there hoping Lance would say a high number.
You could tell Lance was really contemplating his answer...
"Um? 40?"
"Yes, it is, do you know how fast you were going?"

"You were going 55 miles an hour"
Blah, Blah, Blah..
Lance is always nice to the officers (I say that like he gets pulled over all the time?).  But as soon as the officer goes back to his car to write us a ticket, neither of us were too happy and not really in the mood to move along with our plans.  So..we went back home.  A little bit later (around 11:30 maybe?) Lance asked me to check to see what time the BYU game was on and which channel.  I brought him the lap top so he could look it up but he was "busy".  I looked online and told him it's on at 4:00 on the Mtn.  So our plans were to go to lunch at Applebee's (with our giftcard from Brit:) and then go to Lance's parents to watch the BYU game.  While we were at lunch we sat there and talked while we were waiting for our food.  Once we were finished we boxed up our food and Lance looked on his phone just to reconfirm the game was on.  Oh no!!
Remember how I told him the game was on at 4:00!?  Well uh.. that wasn't quite the case.  It more so started at noon about an hour and a half ago!  Needless to say, I did NOT have a happy husband!
I felt so bad!
We went back home (again).
I knew Lance wasn't happy with me so I decided to leave and finish spending the rest of my birthday money.  Hey if he wasn't happy, I sure as heck wasn't gonna sit home.  So off I went and came back with some new jeans.  Cause that always makes you feel better right!?  Well for me it did!
Later that night Lance and I went with Josie & Tyler and my sister Cort & Austin (Ozz) to Fat Cats to go bowling.

[fresh, tiny, pineapple, ozz, corny]

It was super fun!!

[.Should I tell you about my morning?.]

I think I shall..
Well to start off, I had my presentation first thing this morning that started at 8:30.  So knowing I had to be there early I woke up fifteen minutes earlier than normal to get everything prepared and arrive to school early enough to set up everything.
To my surprise I actually wasn't running late and arrived sooner than expected, so I sat in my car for a minute just going over my routine for the presentation.
Let's back up just a bit.. I packed a small backpack with 41 pounds worth of dumbbells in it.
[my presentation was on obesity and I wanted the audience to feel what obesity felt like while wearing the pack]
So this pack was sitting in my front seat, along with other various items that usually occupy my passengers seat.  Because it was so heavy my car thought a person was sitting there and the "PUT YOUR SEATBELT" annoying sound kept going off.
I was about to the point of buckling in the pack right before it finally shut up!
Anyway, now we can fast forward again..
So, I'm sitting in my car listening to music getting ready to haul EVERYTHING to class.
(Actually my good friend Josie was willing to come help me but I wanted to meet her half way)
I take the keys out of the ignition and put them in their normal spot in the front pouch of my backpack.  I zip up the other pack with weights and put an elastic headband over a small box so that it would hold my lard jars.  I set everything on the passengers seat, hop out of my car to go around and grab everything off the seat.
I believe those were the exact words out of my mouth as I went to open the passenger door and it was LOCKED with all my supplies for my presentation,which would be starting in precisely 12 minutes mind you!
I call up Lance, no answer..
I call him again..waiting..waiting.. ANSWER!
"So I locked my *** keys in the *** car with everything I need in it, in 11 minutes!  Can you please, please, puhleez help me!?"
Surprised by how calm he was he told me he was busy with work already and wouldn't be able to make it up there that fast.
So I called Angela, one of my friends who also had her presentation today, and told her to go first because I had locked my keys in the car and asked her to tell the professor as well.
She wished me luck as we hung up!
I called up Josie and met her outside to tell her what had happened!  She advised to call the police from the school to have them come open it!
Why don't I ever think of these genius ideas?
We ran inside to use the phone..
I gave them my name and where I was parked, the lady said to watch for the officer.
So I did.
We went and stood by my car wondering where the heck the officer was.  We went to look to make sure we were in the right parking lot that we had told the lady, which was lot 10.  As we got to the sign it said 9!! Oh.my.word!
We ran back into the school called again to ask if they could tell the officer lot 9!!!
I'm not even kidding you, you should have seen the look on the man's face when he heard me say that I told the lady the wrong lot number.  I hung up and told him to make fun of me all he want, he just smiled and laughed as we ran back outside across two parking lots to get back over by my far.  Finally he arrived!
His name was officer Duckworthy.
I filled out the paper work as he was asking me a few questions.  He then proceeded to tell me,
"This will be difficult to break into if it's a 2006 or 2007."
I replied back to him saying it was a 2010.
He look at me and said, "Great, which means it'll be even harder."
As he was trying to break into my car I heard him call up another officer to tell him he'd need a different tool.  The other officers arrived to bring him the wedge.  Which, instead of going through the window and unlocking the door, goes through the seal of the door and down to the floor of the car to pop the trunk.
I was seriously anticipating that pop of the trunk!
Of course I had to have been taking 2 bags of crap and a comforter to the DI so my back seat was packed full.  I hopped into the trunk, opened the seat, pushed the seat open more to move everything to one side of the car and squiggled my way through the seats to the front of the car!
Ah! Relief!
Josie and I grabbed all my things and started running to my class!  Only twenty minutes after class started!  Angela called me to see if I would be able to make it in time, I told her that we were running in, in heels and everything!
I got to class just in time to start my presentation.  My professor asked if I just wanted to wait until Friday to do it.  Hey - I already had all my things I was doing it today.  I took a few deep breaths and carried on my way.
I honestly don't really remember even doing my presentation, but I did get compliments on it.
(probably only to be nice haha)
One thing I do remember is that I felt pretty rushed so I made up a new activity to take more time.

This is my life.  Thing like this happen to me all the time.
I am so lucky.

[.pumpkins are like boys; their heads are empty, their brains are mush, and after a few days, they start to smell funny.]

Halloween came so fast this year!  I can't believe it's already November!  Things have seemed non-stop as of late but that is nothing new.  Only 5 weeks left of school!!  And  I can tell!  I have SO much homework to get done!  So do I do it or do I procrastinate it?  Well being said that I have my 3rd presentation tomorrow first thing in the morning and I am spending my time right now blogging...I'll let you decide.
This weekend was fun.
Lance and I spent it up in East Canyon with my brother Isaac, Kevin, Gpa H and Uncle Josh.
Ty and Brooke were there as well.
All the boys woke up early (as usual hunters do) to go help Ike get himself a "duhr". And that he did!
He was so happy his grin was bigger than the horns!
Good job Ike!
While they boys were out I took Ty and Brooke to the park next to the condos.
We played on the swings, monkey bars, and the big tires.

Once the boys got back we all decided to head into Park City for the rest of the night.
This trip was a little unexpected so we did some unexpected things.
like spending quite.a.bit of money
Since there were already 6 of us packed in the truck, it was even harder to jam the bags in there with us!
But it was still lots of fun.  We got some pretzel bites and went to Panda for dinner.

Sunday came along and Lance and I hurried home to start getting the house ready and food cooked for our "Halloween party".

We got home, threw the roast in the crock pot, started to let the rolls rise, cook pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, get things ready for desserts, swept, mopped, vacuumed and threw all the extra crap into the office junk room!
We finished up just in time for people to start showing up.  Jake and Jenna, Nate and Vir, and Josie came over for dinner and the Jazz game.  Jenna brought stuff to make a kitty littler cake and I had stuff to make "witches fingers" and "worm cakes".
The "witches fingers" looked more like goblin sausage fingers but still tasted the same and were fun to make.  I only caught a picture of the first three I made Josie, Jenna and I ended up with a platter full.
It was a fun way to celebrate Halloween.  I'll have to do it again next year but with further notice than 3 days before!

 this makes me a little sick
Once the game was over we watched the movie The Stepfather since it was Halloween and all.  I normally am so bad at watching scary movies but I liked this one.  Jenna on the other hand I'm not so sure liked it, you'd have to ask Jake, he's the one who ended up with some bruises;)
I'm always one to want to finish off on a good note so we put in What Happens in Vegas.
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!