[.I won’t get more until I’m grateful for what I’ve got..]

So Friday night was Lance's and I first night going to a piano bar!  It was actually a lot of fun, and a lot more fun than Lance was expecting.  Jacinda invited us and I was excited but it took some time to try and convince Lance it'd be fun.  But as the night went on he told me he wanted to go again and as we were leaving he said it'd be fun to bring a few of our friends to.  So I was really glad he enjoyed it!  Jacinda invited us, she went with a guy she's dating Mike, and her cousin Trent and his girlfriend Brittany.  Trent bought the rounds so that was convenient :)  The piano players were pretty funny and kept us entertained the whole time.  Although I would have been entertained just watching them play the piano!  (yesterday I spent a lot of time trying to play different songs on the piano.  I really am no where even close to as talented as they were!)  Around 12:45 Trent wanted all of us to go to a karaoke place.  Lance and I were both up for it, but I was pretty tired.  So we went home instead, maybe next time I'll have to have a redbull or something!

Lance and I with Jacinda
Mike trying to get in the picture
On Saturday we went up to my parents house so Lance could help Jake  sand and repaint the drums on the wheels of Jake's car.  Jake was at Jenna's brother-in-laws graduation so Lance, Isaac and Kevin cleaned out Jake's entire car, washed it, and painted the drums.  While the boys were working on that my mom and I went out shopping and tanning.  When they were finished Jake came home with Jenna and the four of us went out to the batting cages, got slurpees, walked around the block and sat in the back yard on the swing next to the fire.



.the four of us.
It was such a fun night just talking and laughing and making jokes.  While we were sitting on the swing (the church is in the backyard and you can see the parking lot) a car pulled into the church parking lot.  We all knew what we were thinking was happening.  Jenna and I thought it'd be a fun idea to put tights over our heads and army crawl through the sprinklers over to their car, but the boys weren't up for it!  My mom was sitting out there with us with a flash light reading.  She flashed the light five times at the car just for the heck of it!  We were all thinking they'd flash their lights five times back (that's what we all would have done).  Nope!  They turned their lights on an drove off haha, they must have thought they were caught.  A bit later we got the binoculars out and looked at the craters in the moon.  Jake said he saw the face in the moon and could have sworn it had three eyes.  Well it was about midnight and we decided we'd all go since we were ready for bed. 
Now today is Sunday and I'm back to homework.  Can you tell I really really don't want to do it since I'm on here at the moment?  Yeah I cannot wait til summer school is over.  But my little breaks away have been fun!

[.Men and fish are alot alike...]

They both get into trouble when they open their mouths.

I was a little overwhelmed to be going on this trip.  I felt like I had so much to get done before we could even think about packing to leave so I figured I could take my time, get things done, and we could leave early Saturday morning to leave for the family reunion.  Well, as anxious as Lance has been to go camping he was adimate (I think that's the word?) that we were leaving Friday evening.  So I cram packed everything into my day to be ready to leave by 3:00 pm!  Well I didn't get done taking my test until 3, so 3:45 it was!  Still, better than Saturday morning right?  I was glad to be on our way though, I liked the feeling of having everything done early and not having to worry about it any longer, just being able to relax.  We got up there around 5:00 and reintroduced ourselves (this was only the 3rd year I've ever gone to one of Tracy's family reunions, so we forget who people are easily) as a married couple.  Actually I'm pretty sure the dogs planned out this reunion.. I think there were 8 dogs out of the 6 families that were there (one family even said they thought about bringing their 2 dogs - but left them home)!  We got there, ate our dogs for dinner then  Lance and I went fishing!  I'm mad at myself for not having my camera because I caught an 18 inch fish!!  Oh yes, I did!  I was so proud!! Then I caught a piece of bait!  Well, not really I just hooked a tiger musky, or whatever they're called, I felt really bad and let him go!  Let's just say, Ken 2-Lance 0!  The next morning we woke up and had some yummy breakfast burritos and pear crepes! Mmm!  We played horseshoes and phase 10 and I learned a TON of new card games.  I haven't ever even heard of them.. 31, cowboy, baseball, challenge, and I also learned how to play me some Texas Hold 'em, It's always looked so confusing so I've never been interested, but I watched and learned and won myself 8 bucks!  Hey-when playing with quarters, dimes and nickels it counts right?  I'm planning on savin' it to bring to Vegas;)
When Jake got there we went fishing again, what a surprise.  But this time Jake was the only one to catch anything.  Ken 2- Jake 1- Lance 0, sorry babe!  He did have a few bites though and he set up mine and Jake's poles, so I'll give him credit for that!  
 [i may have caught him a little off guard]
[lance and my uncle scott]
 We took Jake's fish back to camp, cleaned him out, wrapped him in foil and a butt load of seasonings then threw him in the fire.  Once we could smell it cookin' we took him in and ate him.  (I don't know why I'm assuming it's a him?  But we'll stick with it)  I don't normally eat fish, pretty much because I can't stand the thought of it being all slimy and swimming around (but yes I'll eat a cow!) but I took a bite.  Then I fed the rest [the rest that everyone else didn't eat] to koda (our pup).  Even though he's on a diet I justified it because at least it was healthy for him.  Sunday was nice and relaxing.  We watched Scout and played phase 10 before packing up to leave.  I really didn't want to come home, back to reality, back to work, or back to school.  But we got home, cleaned up our disaster of a house (well Lance did while I worked on lame stinkin' homework), made some cookie dough and watched another disk of LOST.  I was fine with being home for the moment:)

[.twelve inches later.]


[twelve inches later]




[.It's been a while.]

That's for sure.  We've been staying so busy I haven't had time to keep up on my ("journal") blogging!  A lot has been going on though.  I started my summer semester of school about a week ago.  Full time.  And I'm pretty sure I've basically stopped living since it started.  Trying to keep track and manage 3 online courses along with a class I go to every Tuesday and Thursday is stressing me out while trying to plan around all of our dang trips (but I'm so excited about so I don't really care anyway).  Did I mention out of every single online class I've ever taken (2 of them because I can't stand them) I've barely passed!  That is how much i just love these lame classes!;)  Okay well I really should stop complaining, sometimes it just makes me feel better.  I really do enjoy learning I just don't enjoy the process of it.  Well besides that I cannot wait to leave for Cali on Thursday! (which will probably only put me behind in school..shoot!)  I'm so excited I'll probably start packing tonight!  [Side note: I really don't like change but I'm kinda looking forward to some change when we get back from Cali - a little nervous - but still excited.]  Lets see, what else have we done?  I don't have pictures (because my memory card is lost I should probably find that REAL soon) so it's kind of hard to think about all we've done.  Lance and I went "fishing" last week with Tim and Matt.  I really don't even consider it anything close to fishing because we just let our lines sit in the water.  The way I learned to fish is.. Cast, reel in.. Cast, reel in a fish.. Cast, reel in some weeds.. Cast, reel in.. you get the picture.  Not putting a hot dog on a hook and staring at the line to move until you catch a fish.  And you're lucky if you even get anything because the dumb fish probably ate the hot dog as soon as you threw it into the water then you sit there bait-less for 45 minutes with no fish when you actually do reel in.  See what I mean?  Although I think all together we did catch 2...I think.  And a weird bat bone, that Tim tried to convince me was a human bone. (which is probably was I just don't like to think of it)
On Saturday Jenny threw a surprise party for Randy's 30th birthday.  We had a BBQ and played a few games/tricks before the Jazz vs. Rapers game that night.  Oh sorry, I meant Lakers.  Which was really fun (until they lost of course), but during the game was fun.  Jenny, Melissa, Kamie and I sat on one end of the row and cheered while Randy, Todd, Tim and Lance were on the other end acting like crazy savages.  For Mother's Day we spent the evening at Diet and Myrna's for dinner and s'mores over a fire!  Happy Mother's Day to my mom, Tracy and Myrna and all G-ma's!  We're going to try and make it down to my dad and Tracy's after Cali to see Tracy for Mothers Day.  Last night we celebrated Mother's day for my mom with dinner and presents.  Then afterwards went to Doug and Britt's to watch the Jazz game. (I'm glad playoff's are almost over!!! Wait, I didn't just say that!  Shh.)
Alright so here's something kinda gross, stupid..but gross.  Lance and I bought 2 gallons of milk a while back..  One expired like April 10th and one on the 19th (I don't remember).  Well it was about April 24th and I wasn't going to use the April 19th milk!  So we went and bought another gallon expired about May 15th.  Got home and dumped out the April 19th one.  Well this morning I poured my milk into my bowl of cereal, ate the entire bowl and wanted to go make me some chocolate milk.. looked at the date... APRIL 19TH!!! What the heck!?! Seriously!?!  We dumped out the new milk?!?  How could we have?!  I was disgusted and about threw up on spot!  No wonder I have felt so crabby that last little while!!  Why didn't it smell funny or actually taste that bad?!  I don't know but I do know one thing I'm checking the date every time I use my flippin' milk!

[.Havin some fun.]

Since Jake is graduating I wanted to play photographer and take a couple "senior" pics.  But I only have my lame digital, so my friend Britt said she'd take them!  I was so excited!  I've been playing around editing them and here's how they've turned out!







I think this last one may be one of my favorites ♥
(I know there are a lot, sorry!)