i miss my boonis


[.Expect the unexpected.]

I checked my voice mail Wednesday night and found out that a member from the Stake Presidency wanted to meet with us.  I was a little nervous.  Why would someone from the Stake want to meet us. . . Did we do something wrong?  Oh great, another calling?  What's going on?
Well we ended up meeting with him Thursday night, only to find out our lives were going to get a little busier.
This whole past week Lance and I have been talking about how much we have going on in our lives right now, and different ways that we can make sure to get the important things done first and still have time to ourselves to relax and be together.  We've felt so overwhelmed lately and have kinda been complaining that we want things to slow down.  Yeah, right!
[Something I've learned lately: why complain?  It's just how life is.]
Well, after meeting with Brother Piggott on Thursday we found out we hadn't done anything wrong:)
Just that Lance got a second calling!  Along with being in the nursery he is now the membership assistant clerk as well.
{I told Lance that this is the Lord's way of telling us to buck up, and not to complain}


Honestly should I really complain and get down when the going gets rough when I have Lance in my life?
I'm so incredibly grateful I have him in my life.
The last two days have been absolutely miserable.  I must admit, I really try not to let my emotions get the best of me.  But there are just certain things that will trigger them!
Yesterday was atrocious.  If it weren't for Lance I would have been in my bed with the door locked for a week!  Yesterday ended up being the best [rest of the] day and for some reason I was in the best mood.  I know it's because I have someone who cares so much about me and really would do anything for me.  I didn't marry him because he'd do ANYTHING for me but because of how he treats me when I need him most!

[.Home Sweet Home.]

As usual when driving up to Richmond to visit Randy and Jenny, Lance and I sing and dance in the car, mainly to Yellowcard.   For some reason that is Lance's band of choice when going on "road trips".  We were so excited for Jenny's homemade Gyoza!  And man was it ever worth the wait!!


Lance and Randy spent Saturday morning putting up drywall in their basement while I played with Brad and Claire.  Brad kicks some major booty when playing tic-tac-toe.  I'm warning you now.. You'll lose!  It was actually kinda funny because the score was 7-1 Brad winning of course, and when I took a break from losing he played six more games by himself and  told me I won six more times so we were tied 7-7.
For Valentine's Lance and I didn't want to do any major.  We'll save that for when we have money to spend.  What matter's to us is that we were able to spend time together and just have fun.  Saturday night we went to Firehouse pizza, romantic I know, but it really is what I wanted for dinner.  Firehouse and to just be home together at least for ONE night of the week.  (We're rarely ever home I swear!)  I had been craving it for weeks and Lance had never been before so we decided to go.  We came home and he gave me my present!  I didn't really care for flowers for Valentines which was good because he got me a hair product that I had been wanting for a while!  This is probably really lame of us, but I thought it was pretty fun.  Part of the night we spent pausing and rewinding the 3 point shots of the All-Star game trying to see if we could find Jake and Kevin in their seats.  But it's a little hard when our HD TV isn't in HD!!
For his Valentines day present, I let him have Pepsi for breakfast!  Normally I try to manipulatively and deceitfully make him chocolate milk, or orange juice before he can ask for a Pepsi (because I don't think it is necessarily a breakfast item).  I figured since I was a bad wife and didn't buy anything that maybe that would count.
[Next year I'll plan better and try and do something special;]

While Jake and Kevin were in Dallas having the time of their lives living like All-Stars, they were able to take the chance to go visit where I was born and spent the first year of my life.  I was already totally jealous that they were there, but got even more jealous when Jake sent me this picture on my phone saying, "Here was your home in Texas!".

I don't really remember much of this house besides what I've seen on home videos but it still made me want to jump in the car and drive down there immediately.  Too bad busy lives sometimes keep us from doing spontaneous things like that!
.Baylor Regional Medical Center.
This was the hospital I was born in, just about a mile from the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Jake has a picture of him and Ronni Price that I'll put up when he gives it to me!

Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

[.A piece of me....]

Here is a new tradition to start on the first Sunday of every month called A Piece of Me.  I'm a little late posting this one obviously, but I'll start clean next month!  Use these starter phrases each time to tell a piece of yourself.


[.I Believe.]



[.Pile Dog.]

I've been looking forward since before the new year to go and see Dear John.  Well ladies and gentlemen, I've completed one New Years resolution!  I knew I could stick to it!

I got teary eyed!  But the tears didn't fall!  I told my mom to bring the tissues because she'd probably end up crying.  She responded saying, "I'm so jaded I won't need those!" funny thing, was that she was the only one out of 7 of us that ended up completely bawling!  But it's okay, I would have cried if I was at home with my pillows hiding my face under the blankets!  I just always try so hard not to cry in theaters!  Believe me, it's tough because I'm such a baby!  I mean come on I cried watching Free Willy!

We didn't go to Siegfried's as planned but are rescheduling!  I can't wait!!

Sunday was fun!  Of course with Superbowl Sunday all the boys had to get together so they could yell and give each other fivers the whole time, while the girls were upstairs talking and grazing over Superbowl food!  Too bad the Colts didn't win, but it seemed soon enough until the boys were over it!  We were all upstairs in the living room watching Brad and Claire dance and act like goofballs.  Eventually everyone else joins in and we all look like goofballs!

[.We always end up with what we value the most.]

Since our "Friday-date-nights" usually consist of piles of laundry, we normally try and make the rest of our weekend somewhat interesting.  Lance knew that the Young Men from his old ward were going to Scofield for a snowmobiling and ice fishing trip, so (inviting ourselves) ice fishing it was.  (Please excuse me if by chance I accidentally spell fishing, fis-c-hing.  It's now habit.)  Like most other Fischer trips, we woke up way before the sun is up to make it in time for "good fishing".  We arrived around 7:00 am with a temperature of -9°F.  Hey, I was grateful it wasn't -19°!  This was only my second time ice fishing but I had better luck this time.  I actually caught 4 fish, not nothing!  My first fish was PUNY, but I didn't mind:) After I threw it back in the hole all the guys told me I should have kept it to frame it.  Uh, no thanks!  I'll let him or her live [even if their mouth is a little jacked up].  I did end up catching one of the biggest fish that day, so I was proud of myself.  Lance caught about 5-6 fish and was more satisfied than the first Strawberry trip.  I was the designated scooper and "courtesy jig-ger" for the group.  I always learn new terms when going on trips like these.  During our time there one of the Young Men leaders asked if Lance and I wanted to go for a ride on one of the snowmobiles.  I turned and looked at Lance with a huge grin on my face and instantly said, "YES!"  so we walked over to the "sleds" (I didn't know they were called sleds, I always just thought snowmobile, but whatever!), put on our goggles and off we went!  I was screaming the whole time!  Even though they were slow snowmobiles I was still afraid to get thrown off, like a skidoo!  I felt like my feet didn't ever have a good grip because of all the snow on the bottom, but I just clung myself to Lance the entire time and leaning to the left or right whenever he told me to!  I had so much fun! And it's totally okay with me if we end up getting some nice snowmobiles in the future!  I'm hoping their nice anyway because I don't want to get stuck like some of the young men did.  Lance and Matt were troopers.  They went to help one of the kids get un-stuck from the slush that was about 6-8 inches deep.  I definitely wouldn't want that to happen to me, but if it did I know I'd be lucky enough to have Lance come save me.  Thank you everyone for letting us intrude and have so much fun!
We were up early again on Sunday to surely make it to one of Lance's friend's farewell.  It was nice to be able to see him one last time before he head's off to the MTC on Wednesday.  Good luck Kirt, you'll be an amazing missionary!  We went for yummy desserts afterwards and back home to make it in time to teach our nursery kids!  We only ended up with two kids, so we combined with the other nursery.  I was so excited because I had missed our other kids so badly!  I was glad that I was able to play with them again!
My Grandma's birthday was on Saturday so Sunday evening the family went over to her house to wish her a happy birthday!  I always enjoy getting together with the family, no matter which side it is.  The Neilson side is so much fun, and are such genuine people.  We're all very sarcastic and love to laugh!  All of my grandparents are absolutely wonderful!  Because it was my G-ma's birthday I want her to know how special she is to me.  She is always so positive and looks at life with a great attitude.  Like I've always known, "Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be."  This quote defines my grandma's life.  I'm grateful to have her and my grandpa as great examples to me.  I hope one day that Lance and I are as happy as they are together.  I know we will be, as long as we keep our promises to each other and are truthful in all that we do.
Not to change the subject or anything . . . But I am SO excited for Saturday!  Lance and I are planning on going to Siegfried's for Lunch! (If you haven't been, you really should go!  It's a yummy German restaurant in Salt Lake)  AND we're going out with a few of my girlfriends to see Dear John!  I'm stoked.  I really hope it's as good as the previews look.  Thanks Lance for being a good sport to come with:) Love you!  Two GREAT things in one day and I can't wait!