[.a little bit of something is better than alot of nothing.]

Last weekend my mom took Jenna, Lance and I to go see Just Go With It.  I loved it!  And so did Lance, so that was a plus!  I pretty much laughed the entire time.

We also went up to Richmond to Randy and Jenny's to watch Brad's last basketball game.  It was awesome to see so many 7 year olds running around on the court.  Afterwards we went to pizza plus then all around town to a couple stores.  We got rudy some new dog food, a collar, some vaccinations and his favorite - a pig ear.  I also wanted to buy a Skookie maker but Jenny offered to get me a better deal the next day - so thank you Jenny!! :)

After dinner the boys finished the snowman that Brad and his friends started.  Of course they had to go all out!

Yes they used a ladder and all!

Just this last weekend I used my Skookie and Jenna and I made a couple FH'zookies!

They were decadant! Mm!

Also, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans.  Yes it IS blog worthy! 


[.Meet Rudy.]

We probably should have named him Marley!  He was my late Valentines Day present :)  He is a crazy little pup with so much energy and attitude who loves to CHEW!!!  We love him already!  He is a pure black lab and was 8 weeks old when he bought him on Thursday.

Right before his first bath!

At least he still loved me afterwards!

He already knows how to sit and pound it!  Lance spoils him to death - he bought him this funky duck that seriously cracks me up, and Rudy loves it!  These first few nights have been exhausting.  He is definitely a newborn.  But his cuteness SO makes up for his lack of sleep during the night.  His first love was Pig Ears and now he is also loving his new huge fluffy bed.  I'm sure it won't be too huge for him for long.  He's already growing!


[.what is better than a date with one girl?.]

A date with 3 girls!

I hope everyone had a happy love day!


This Valentine's was pretty low key.  I've become very bad at planning things ahead of time!  I promise once I don't have to deal with school I'll be better!

After we were both off work Lance and I went with Josie and Jenna to the gym.  I had a killer workout planned for us!  And lets just put it that way, it was killer!  My legs are so sore! And because we all kicked our own butts we had planned to go to Firehouse Pizza for a FH'Zookie!  Mm, my mouth is watering just thinking of it!

Afterward we all headed back to our house for our traditional family night watching The Bachelor.

Since my husband does have somewhat of a sensitive side, he decided to buy one rose for Jenna (whose date is in the MTC) and one rose for Josie (whose date showed up later).  He put each rose into a skinny vase and completed it with a ribbon (my idea - haha).  They both loved them and it was cute to see how much it meant to them.  Awe I love those girls!

Since love is in the air and all I found these pictures appropriate.


.love this.


.so cute.

Speaking of traditions, as of the last 3 Saturdays Lance, Jenna and I have gone for drives listening to country music and singing at the top of our lungs.  Jenna has been known not to like good ole country music - but I think we've accomplished the task  of breaking her barrier.
I don't think we've shown her this song yet but I love it
and it is one of the many country songs Lance and I sing to each other in the car during long drives.

.and perfect for love month.


[.I got a dolla, I got a dolla, I got a dolla hey hey hey hey.]

Like always, we're just going, going, going.  Especially with school, pretty much every second is planned.  So when I get a chance to sit (for a minute)  I really don't want to do anything but just that, sit.  Last Sunday we spoke in Church on the topic of goals.  Easy right?  That's what I thought, so I felt like I didn't have to put too much effort into it.  Well when push came to shove, I was reaping the consequences the night before at 2:30 in the morning.  Jenna slept over that night and helped us clean because I made her she saw the disaster and was probably disgusted.  We had 17 people over the next day for dinner/lunch.  Yes, 17.
[Thank you Kevin and Jenna for all your help!]
  Well, I assigned Jenna, Lance and I a certain room in the house, but we were all assigned laundry.  Everyone's favorite chore I'm sure.  Well we had just finished the huge load that was occupying our bed space

and Lance came in with another load.

We finally finished and were ready to work on our talks!
(around 12:00am)
I'm pretty sure this was the first time our closet had actually seen all our clothes hung up at the same time.  Lance said that the shelves looks like they were bowing and about ready to snap and that he'd look at it later.

We were out on the couches in the living room and heard
The first thing I said was, "Shoot the closet!"
Lance looked back at Jenna and I and said, "What the heck was that?"
I looked at him and said again, "Our closet!!"
We all jumped up and ran to our bedroom.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the result of way too many clothes shoved onto very un-sturdy shelving units.  Jenna and I laughed hysterically while Lance tried to make some humor out of having to fix it.  So for the last few days, I have been throwing clothes all over our room to even try and get to a shirt or pair of pants I wanted.

Needless to say, I have a wonderful husband who fixed it!  Now all I have to do is hang all the clothes up again.  And let me tell ya, I'm not looking forward to it.

Sunday morning came way to quickly.  We gave our talks, participated in a "Dating panel" for young womens and hurried home to start lunch.  We Kevin made Katsudons because he is king at making them.  We had Lance and I, Kevin, Ty and Brooke, Jenna, my Dad, Tracy and Brayd, Gma and Gpa Neilson, Diet, Myrna, Tim, Kamie, Matt, Tori, Randy and Jenny with Brad and Claire all over in our basement apartment.  I felt bad there wasn't enough seating, so it'll be nice one day to be able to supply that for everyone.  We played Hokie Six and then Lance and I went to my Aunt Merritt's house for my Gma N's birthday afterward.

On Wednesday, I gave a presentation that took up the entire class period.  I've given p.l.e.n.t.y of presentations through out this last year so I wasn't too nervous, until the day of.  I've never been nervous before but since this one took up the entire class it was a little different.  I was the first presenter in the class so all morning I could not stop thinking about it.  The time finally came and I felt pretty confident with it.  I was so relieved to hear that I set the bar extremely high from my teacher and that I had excellent  presenting skills.  So I'm anxious to see my grade and I am so relieved it's over with!!!  I only spent like weeks working on it!  No biggy.

Any way, I took Britt to dinner tonight and hopefully satisfied her Chinese craving:)  It's been a while since it has been just the two of us.
[because our husbands are attached at the hip]
We had some really good talk time and I am so grateful to consider her one of my best friends.  She honestly is amazing and is so strong.  I admire her courage and motivation.
♥ her
I'm doing my first photo shoot tomorrow and I'm so stoked!

[.nikon d3100.]

I've waited so long to meet you!

We will make some great memories!