[.life is better when you're laughing.]

I just couldn't help myself.
I can't help but think how cute her little bum will be wearing these!
Baby girl moves like crazy and loves to keep me up all night long.
Actually the other night was the first night in a while that I didn't sit there for hours, looking at the clock, waiting for my alarm to go off.
Friday Jenna and I went to Lance's parents to work on a quilt and then went to the What A Woman Wants expo.  We were there for about two hours and finished it off with a free ten minute massage.  Afterward we went to Fashion Place mall to see where Jenna could spend her shopping spree [from work] money.  By the end of the day we were both a little slap happy and just wanted to go home and get in our beds!
Saturday, I helped my friend Sarah host a baby shower for a girl from our work having twin girls.  With full intention of brining my camera, I completely forgot to bring it to the shower!  It turned out really cute and it got me pretty excited to start having some of my own.  I started to realize how quickly time has gone and that it will only go faster from here on out.
Sarah, Jacinda and I went to Playing for Keeps after the shower.  It's usually tradition that we go to Zupas before a movie but since we just finished with the shower we vetoed that idea and brought leftover snacks instead.  I always love going out with these girls!  We always have such a good time. I will miss Sarah while she is on her mission in freakin Paris but Jacinda and I will be sure to keep up on tradition.
Also, this last week, Lance and I bought an upright freezer!  It is weird but I am seriously so excited about it!
I can't stand living dinner-to-dinner, not knowing what to make and not having much on hand to just throw a dinner together.  Sounds crazy, but this freezer is my motivation to precook meals and have them ready to go for Lance when he has to work.
I'm planning to spend one day a week [then, hopefully only once a month] to prep all of our dinners ahead of time!
I'm hoping I can come up with plenty of clean [not clean as in washing the vegetables before..] recipes that will freeze well!
Last but not least, I have to brag about my husband for a second.  I've always told him that I wouldn't ever push him to eat the way I would like him to.  I feel that by doing so it would just make matters worse.
I know that when people would always criticize me or make comments when I was eating horribly that it would only make me want to hide what I was really eating.  So that is the last thing I would want to do.
The last couple weeks, I have noticed a change in him.  He may not love it now or may not even stick with it forever, but it makes me happy to know that he is trying and doing awesome!
I was SUPER happy when I made a fully clean meal and his response was that he loved it!  I'm hoping to make more and more meals that I can get that same response.  It makes me excited to start cooking meals that both of us will eat!

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Brad and Rochelle said...

You should post some of your favorite recipes. I need some good healthy meals and ones that could be put in the freezer and still taste good when cooked again :)

Brandon and Alexa Leishman said...

I agree with rochelle! I need to jump on this wagon... Keep us up to date on how it goes :)