[.sometimes, you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.]

You can't go the month of December without decorating "ginger bread" houses, or graham cracker houses for that matter.
Being the competitive person that I am, Brooklyn and I were bound and determined to have the better graham cracker house, or at least I was [brooke helped by coming and eating a skittle here and there, or decorating the ice cream cone trees].  Watching Jenna and Isaac struggle at first I was confident that the "strong foundation" of my house would stay right in place.
At least for a minute.
Yes, that blow dryer was what I was using to harden my frosting more quickly.
Isaac and Jenna at least had four hands to keep the walls in place :)
Right after I finished my shingled roof, it caved in.
Luckily Kevin's engineering skills were put to use and he helped Brooke finish up the house so that I could go to tithing settlement.
Our semi-finished product!
 Brooke named our house Gingy and both Isaac and Jenna named theirs Dopey, because it was dope! Oh boy!

I think they both turned out really cute!?
But hey, it was fun!

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