[.no one has ever become poor by giving.]

A couple days ago I entered to win a birth story!  Whichever picture on her site has the most likes will win.  I am currently in second place!  I can't believe how close I am to first place!  We have until Christmas Eve to make every vote count!
This would be the VERY best Christmas gift we could ever ask for!
I can't believe how much love and support I have seen from our friends and family already.  I am overwhelmed with love and am completely grateful for those I have in my life who love and support us.

Here is my 27 week baby bump photo of Miss K!
If you would like to help us win, click on the picture and be sure to LIKE it on facebook!  Your vote definitely counts!
On the other hand, we just got back from our 28 week appointment today.  Everything is going well.  We now go in for appointments every two weeks!  I can't believe how FAST time is flying by!
Enjoying every moment getting to know this little girl!

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